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Best Free WordPress Background Plugins

The foreground and its design along with the content may be the most important attribute of a website but the background too has a certain degree of relevance and significance. It is the background that can either accentuate and complement or dilute the impression of the foreground. Millions of websites across industries do not have any noticeable background and that is outright negligence. You would notice that some of the largest or the most popular websites in the world have fascinating contrasts between the foreground or design and the background.

For an optimally attractive website that keeps the visitor hooked, you need to work on the background. Fortunately, there are many WordPress background plugins that you can use to simplify the whole process. Here are the top 3 WordPress background plugins.

1. Background Manager

Background Manager

From having a random image at the background of your website to having a timed slideshow, from changing images to myriad shades, you can choose from innumerable options using Background Manager. You can create your own images or choose from templates, you can use third party sources or some media library. The plugin also allows you to play with the ratio, different kinds of patterns or displays, overlays to background images and the entire palette of colors. Background Manager has a feature by the virtue of which you can instill URLs in the background images which allow people to get redirected to an intended webpage or websites and all such links and click-through are tracked via Google Analytics.

2. WP-Backgrounds Lite

WP-Backgrounds Lite

WP-Backgrounds Lite would help you to create clickable background images and layouts that would work with all WordPress themes and would be compatible with all major browsers. The plugin has dozens of useful features such as vertical & horizontal image centering, image sliders supporting transitions and other effects, support for different backgrounds for various web pages on the site, integration of videos and images to background themes, customization of existing themes, layouts and patterns and a whole array of tools to play with the font and colors among other attributes of a design

3. Soundy Background Music

Soundy Background Music

Soundy Background Music is one of the rare WordPress background plugins that come with almost all standard features expected in such a tool but with the additional feature of having a soundtrack being played while the website is being viewed. And this soundtrack doesn’t interfere with the normal functioning of the website, neither does it have an overarching presence nor does it make the site slow or have any other adverse impact for that matter.

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