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5 Best Free WordPress Reviews Plugins

What do you think about my content? Have you read it yet? Well, once you have, be sure to rate me, review me, and share with others. The world of review plugins is centered on giving those who experience your products or services a chance to speak out. From a star or symbol rating to in-depth writing to help others make up their minds regarding whether or not they should use your service, having a review plugin can be excellent for your business. Some of the best WordPress review plugins include the following.

1. WP Review

WP Review

Every day tens of thousands of WordPress users rely on WP Review to provide plugin services not normally found in WordPress. WP Review is an easy to use, powerful tool that allows you to add stars, percentages, or points for review scores. With unlimited color schemes supported and easily blending into the majority of themes out there, WP Review provides a lot of content without a lot of additional bulk coding.

With generally favorable reviews and an active support community, WP Review includes features like fastest review plugin, support for Google Rich Snippet, 100% fluid response, translation ready, design as you want operation, minimalist and lightweight design, custom field support, easy modding through CSS, and much, much more. With additional mod support, you may be able to find specialty mods that increase the functionality of WP Review even beyond this.

2. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews

While WP Review allows people versatility in how they leave feedback, WP Customer Reviews is designed to allow customers to leave testimonials regarding your service. A large plugin with a lot of content, the main features of WP Custom Reviews include WP Multisite and Multiuser compatibility, multiple anti-spam measures, completely customizable, editing tools for reviews, custom field support, easy to learn, straightforward plugin installation, and a lot more.

WP Customer Reviews is a solid review plugin with 50,000+ active users and frequent updates. Along with offering plenty of information through the FAQ, there are also tutorials in case you are looking for more assistance.

3. WP Product Review

WP Product Review

While WP Customer Reviews and WP Review are about people leaving you feedback, WP Product Review is all about you leaving feedback based on your own review of products and services offered by other people. Whether you are looking at the newest iPhone or looking at different kinds of used lug nuts through Ebay, the WP Product Review plugin is designed to make your reviews look smart, professional, and to the point. The WP Product Review can make your post more interesting to read with ratings, pros and cons, affiliate links, user reviews, and rich snippets. Now your posts can be a place where people have a conversation relating to the product, allowing each review to take on a life of its own.

Along with a free version of the software, there is also a paid version that you may want to utilize if you are looking for review plugins. Along with increased reviews on the same page, buying the pro version will allow for the shortcode to be attached anywhere, making WP Product Review even more versatile. Whether or not people have purchased WP Product Review, the vast majority of people rate this plugin very favorably. With easy customization and seamless integration into existing themes, it is no wonder that WP Product Review has a base of 30,000 active users and is growing.

4. Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is the first plugin we’ve covered that takes reviews beyond the WordPress website. With Rich Reviews, you can embed user reviews and Google Rich Snippet Ratings anywhere on your website. By capturing these reviews already recorded by people on other social media platforms and review websites, you can populate a new WordPress website with them, adding legitimacy and experience behind the services or products you offer.

Features supported by Rich Reviews include 3 types of reviews with full customization for your needs, moderated submissions, the ability to choose which submissions are added to your website, includes externalized style sheets, a simple design, and compatibility across multiple WordPress themes.

5. Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews

Google Places Reviews is a simple tool that takes reviews from Google Places and loads them onto your WordPress website. Utilizing a powerful and intuitive widget, Google Places Reviews stresses the importance of user reviews in whether or not people purchase from you. With it being a challenge to generate user reviews on your own website (especially if it is new) many people use Google Places Reviews to bring over reviews from a place that people felt free to review from. Because they are coming from Google Places Reviews, they are trusted more because they are seen as impartial. Google Places Reviews may have a small following of 2,000+, but if you are interested in shipping over the reviews you need, then this is the Review Plugin you need.

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