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5 Best WordPress Dictionary Plugins

Dictionary is among the best invention that man has ever achieved. Up to this date, the dictionary is most dependent piece of work when you need a clear definition of any word. As the internet is becoming more popular by day, demand for words definition keeps growing. As your readers go through your blogs, informative websites, or even company news they will often come a cross words that they do not understand the meaning. Because of such challenges your site can lose meaning, as they would not get to understand the massage you are trying to put a cross.

If you are using WordPress to create your site either for blogging purposes, you are in luck as you can incorporate WordPress Dictionary Plug-ins to help with word definition. To get to the main agenda we have taken the liberty to research and present to you top five best WordPress Dictionary Plug-ins you can use.

1. Encyclopedia Pro

Encyclopedia Pro
It is among the fantastic WordPress Dictionary plug-ins you can ever use on your site. This plug-in comes in two versions. The Encyclopedia Lite, which is the free version and the Encyclopedia Pro version that you pay for, you can always start with the Lite version to have a feel of how it works then buy the Pro version.

2. WP Glossary

WP Glossary
This is a unique plug-in for dictionary and or glossary. The advantage of using this plug-in is that you can add a number of glossaries then link to the same words in the content via a small piece of code.

3. Dictionary Box

In the WordPress world this is considered as a must use plug-in. this is the best plug-in if you are serious about providing the best dictionary to your readers. Never lose readers because you used complex words. It is one of the easiest plug-ins to install and it only takes three minutes roughly.

4. Click2Refer Virtual Dictionary

An exceptional plug-in to use in your blog or website, just a double click and you have an exact meaning of any word. It is the best way to engage your readers. It is very easy to install after you download it from WordPress plug-ins inventory.

5. SIL Dictionary

For those who already have their own dictionary, this is will be a great plug-in for you. In just a few easy steps you are able to present your readers with own dictionary. Right after you have finished installing this plug-in, all you have to do is import your dictionary that is saved in XHTML format along with its CSS file if necessary.

The above are just but a few of the best WordPress Dictionary plug-ins available for the WordPress users. It is high time you engage your users with such plug-ins and you will notice the difference.