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Top 7 WordPress Auction Plugins

No matter how vast you are with WordPress’ modalities and workflow, you will still be amazed by its unprecedented features and functionalities. One of the most spectacular features of WordPress is how the installation of a few plugins could amazingly transform a WordPress site.

One of these outstanding feats is the way and manner an auction site can be created on WordPress so easily through very simple means. This features the ability to itemize products for sale, so visitors can place bids whereby the highest bidder purchases the item. However, there are more awesome features that this plugin can offer.

If you are ready to begin sales on your WordPress site through the auctioning system, it is imperatively expedient that you use the right plugin that possess all the required features you need to start up the process. Some of these excellent auction plugins on WordPress are listed below.

1. Ultimate Auction Plugin

Ultimate Auction Plugin
This is one of the most popular auction plugins available on WordPress. It is believed to be the best-supported auction plugin on WordPress. This plugin has the ability to transform an ordinary website into a professional auction site like eBay.

Installing the Ultimate Auction Plugin will allow you to step up a professional action website more quickly and conveniently which has the same constructive features as ebay. As part of its simplicity and flexibility, this plugin (the Ultimate Auction plugin) has great support to work with any WordPress theme both old and new versions, and it is easily configurable with a simple setup process.

2. WP Auction Nudge Plugin

WP Auction Nudge Plugin
With WordPress Auction Nudge Plugin live eBay details can be embedded on your WP site. In fact as soon as it is installed there will an instant automatic update of all tools which will then display the most recent activities on your eBay profile. In order to enhance the successful integration of eBay into your WordPress site, the plugin comes in handy with essential tools like, Your eBay Listings, Your eBay, Ads, Your eBay Profile and Your Feedback.

With these features mentioned above, you can get to display your current items, your listings, your eBay profile info and your most recent comments.

3. My Auction Creator

My Auction Creator
This plugin functions almost in the same way as the Auction Nudge plugin. My Auction Creator plugin enhances the integration of eBay platform into your website on WordPress. By installing My Auction Creator Plugin on your WordPress site, you get to integrate your eBay account onto your site.

With this plugin, you can get a chance to display your recent feed of your listings on eBay, display your items previously showcased on eBay in an interactive way through banners on your WordPress site, display your eBay details on your site and display your updated feedback on your WordPress site.

4. WordPress Dutch Auction Masters plugin

WordPress Dutch Auction Masters plugin
With the WP Dutch Auction Masters plugin you can professionally build an online auctioning website with just a few clicks. If you are interested in creating auctioning websites that are interactively exciting, then try installing the WP Dutch Auction Masters plugin.

As part of its dynamic features, the plugin is independently usable. Its auction bidding processes are coordinated in real-time. WP Dutch Auction Masters supports all kinds of widgets on WordPress. It supports the use of short cords which can be employed to make readjustments and modifications that suit your taste. It has an easy and simple integration mode with all versions of WordPress.

5. WordPress Auction Plugin

WordPress Auction Plugin
When WordPress Auction plugin is installed on your WP site auctions can be easily hosted at no cost at all. This revolutionary plugin is built in such a way that your auctions can be displayed in an attractive popup manner powered by AJAX so you can have the best experience.

With WordPress Auction Plugin, payment for making auctions on other websites which includes, gallery fees, listing fees, final value fees, seller fees etc. can be avoided. You can now do your own auctions and make sales to visitors on your site. The process of installing and activating the plug-in on your WordPress site can occur in less than no time. In fact auctioning can start in less than 2 minutes of installation.

6. WatchCount.com WP Plug-in

WatchCount.com WP Plug-in
This comes as a free WordPress plugin that allows for the display of most popular eBay items on the sidebar of a blog or a post on your WordPress site. This items are always displayed in real-time as a widget on your WordPress. Daily deals or specific seller’s items can also be displayed.
This plugin has the ability to display items in localized language when selected by the web owner. You do not need to understand any form of programming or short codes to use this plugin. It is free and very easy to use.

7. WP eBay Ads

This plugin functions like the Auction Nudge and My Auction Creator plug-in. The installation of WP eBay Ads will help organize and integrate your eBay listings into your posts on WordPress, from which commissions can be earned when sales are made. This is achievable through the use of a short code for eBay_search which is a custom field.

By inserting this short code [wpebayads] into your posts you have activated the WP eBay Ads on the post when it is published which can generate revenue from commissions earned especially when an eBay Network campaign ID is included.