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5 Daycare Flyers Templates

One of the most important choices that working parents make is the daycare that they use to take care of their children while they are at work. A quality daycare provides educational resources, learning through playing, and a safe atmosphere for children to play. A quality free daycare flyer will help you communicate these aspects in your own unique way so that you can market yourself to your local community effectively and for a low cost. Here are the best that are available on the internet today, hand-selected just for you.

1. Hloom – http://www.hloom.com/

For an effective, free flyer that has attractive graphics, tables, and text points that allow you to be able to get your point across, this download will help you quickly get your point across in a professional way. The header is dominated by your business name and there is room for your tagline and contact information right where people need to see it. The file is fully compatible with all word processing programs available except for older versions of MS Office, so you can have your flyer ready to print in just minutes.

hloom daycare

2. Brother – http://www.brother.com/

The Brother template center has a number of great brochures that could be perfect for your daycare. The images are perfectly suited for child care promotion, but also include modern visual design elements that will help the brochure stand out to passersby. It is a natural left-to-right setup to document your key points with lots of space for your contact information, including email, fax, and phone. It is definitely one of the easiest templates to use at this moment to promote your daycare.

Brother Templates Daycare

3. Simply Daycare – http://www.simplydaycare.com/

Although many of the flyer templates here are paid designs, their PDF sample that can be adjusted to meet your needs is a quality template. The clipart on the flyer template is family friendly and designed to bring a smile to the reader’s face, while the key points are highlighted in a text box on the right where it is naturally readable with a good font size. You can highlight the box with a color if you wish as well to have the customized look you may want for your promotional flyer.


4. Child Care Professional Resources – http://childcareprofessionals.weebly.com/

For a series of template options, this free website has put together a good set of templates for your consideration. All of the flyer templates are easy enough to edit and will help you create the right look in just minutes to promote your services. There are four templates in total here that are easy to use and will give you variation in your promotional materials as well. For a fast way to get going on your promotional work, this site will give you the options that you needed without hassle.


5. Step By Step – http://stepbystepcc.com/

For a tri-fold flyer design, this template design will give you an attractive way to get the word out about your daycare. There is plenty of room for your logo and key points to attract attention and the template is double-sided so you’ve got extra room to get everything in.