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3 Free Political Campaign Flyer Templates

There is a lot of talk today about how politicians get a lot of campaign money, but the average political figure needs to make their budgets stretch as much as possible because cash is tight. What do you do when you need to get your core values out to a community for just a few bucks? One way is to utilize free political campaign flyer templates that put out the event you need to promote or the core issues that are being supported so voters know right where you stand. Here are some of the best that we’ve hand-selected today for your consideration from the internet.

1. Microsoft Office – http://office.microsoft.com/

You can’t go wrong with the basic templates that are offered by Microsoft. You’ve got a wide variety of of options available to you as well, from political fundraising to bumper stickers to help promote the campaign. These templates are very easy to adjust – just fill in the details of the event and make sure your candidate’s name is spelled correctly. From there, print out the items on your own or send them along to a printer who will charge you a fair, competitive price.

Microsoft Office

2. Torrents Mafia – http://www.torrentsmafia.me/

If you’re looking for a quality PSD template that will give you a higher level of graphics for a quality first impression, then these free templates are going to provide you with everything that you’re going to want to need. Quickly adjust the CSS to change colors and make fast adjustments to the text with easy to code HTML5 and other Photoshop changes that may be required. This free template may just be the best that you’ll find right now.


3. Smile Templates – http://www.smiletemplates.com/

If you’re looking for free templates where you just need to plug in your information and go, then these Powerpoint templates are a great resource to have. You can use these templates for presentations if you wish or print them out and distribute them around for a quality first impression. With three basic blocks of data that you can modify, room for your contact information, and space for your campaign’s catch phrase, this might just be the best way to go.