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5 Free Babysitting Flyer Templates

Babysitting has traditionally been one of the ways that teens can earn some extra cash by helping parents to watch their kids safely. With the way the world has gone today, even adults are moving back into babysitting as a means of being able to pay the bills. You can earn decent money as a babysitter, but you don’t want to spend a lot to promote yourself, right? That’s why this showcase of the best free babysitting flyer templates will help you out a lot. Let’s take a look.

1. Printable Time Sheets – http://www.printabletimesheets.net

We really love the idea of printing out a free flyer template that shows parents in your neighborhood the exact times that you’ve got available for the upcoming week. The initial template is in a .pdf version and is free, but there’s also a low-cost XLS template available too if you wish to have an instant file that can be edited. Use the extra space below the time log to promote why you’re the best babysitter around and then print them out. For an extra touch, sign each flyer before sending them out.


2. Printable Flyer Templates – http://www.printableflyertemplates.net/

This basic template is easy to edit and gives you a fast way to get your own information out to a neighborhood. It’s a black and white template so you won’t have to kill off your color ink in order to print out your flyers either. The header graphic is of an old-fashioned baby carriage and then you can adjust the “babysitter” heading to be your business name. Then just list your qualifications and you’re ready to go! This free templates comes in both .doc and .pdf formats.


3. MS Office Live – https://store.office.live.com

Sometimes it’s not what you say, but how you say it. This tri-fold free flyer template works with PowerPoint and similar programs that read .ppt files so you can quickly manipulate the text blocks to meet your needs. You can highlight certain qualifications that make you stand out, like First Aid or CPR training, while you can also add in an image that you’re proud of and put your name or your business name in bold print right on top. It’s simple and elegant.

Microsoft Live

4. Xerox – http://www.office.xerox.com

With a lot of variety from which you can choose, Xerox offers you a lot of free flyer templates that you can use as a tool to promote your babysitting business. Our recommendation is to utilize the professional flyer template as it works with both A4 and letter-sized paper. The template is really easy to customize and the block design of the text boxes will naturally draw attention toward your key selling points. There’s three spots for images, a place for a catchy headline, and all of your contact details can be put into an eye-friendly space as well.


5. Inkd – http://inkd.com

What if you could get a free sample template that would make it look like you spent thousands on the design of your babysitting flyer? That’s what this template from Inkd will do for you! The images are print ready and the graphic art is 300 DPI so you’ll get a clear printout every time. There’s a lot of space for customized text and you can even put in a logo if you’ve got one. If you don’t, you could create one or just put your name and contact info up top for immediate recognition.