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5 House Cleaning Flyers Templates

One of the best home-based businesses to have right now is a house cleaning business. As people get busier thanks to companies demanding leaner and meaner performances, they just don’t have time to pick up their homes. That’s where you come in. With a fair, competitive price, you can have a full week booked in no time at all thanks to these house cleaning flyer templates. Create your own promotional materials, print them out, and distribute them to your neighborhood to let everyone know that you’ve got openings.

1. Free Printable Stationary – http://www.freeprintablestationery.net

Although this is a stationary template, it is still an effective advertising medium for your business. The graphics are clean and simple and there’s places in this template for your contact information already. That means the only thing you’ve got to do is put down the services you offer and how much you charge. With an effective call to action and competitive pricing, this free template will have you out soliciting for business in no time at all.


2. Inkd – http://inkd.com

This home cleaning brochure will look like you spent thousands on the design of your flyer when instead you spent less than a day’s wages on it. It’s a fresh look that immediately catches the eye and is crisp, straightforward, and let’s you put in your guarantee. Got a mission statement? Do you have a cleaning philosophy? You’ve got space to put that in as well. It works across most platforms and will give your home-based business the professional look that you want.


3. Graphic River – http://graphicriver.net

This house cleaning flyer template offers you a lot of space with some attractive graphics that will lend to a good first impression. The accent colors in this template are really easy to change and it’s ready to print straight out of the box if you prefer as well. It’s easy to customize the links, fonts, and styles that you might need to use for this flyer template and it works with In-Design CS3. A 3D Logo is included with the template and there’s 16 total pages for you to use to fully customize the look.


4. Microsoft Live – https://store.office.live.com/

This template is easy to use, working in Microsoft Word so it can even be altered online in your browser if you prefer. It’s designed as a travel brochure, but the layout is perfect for your house cleaning business as well. The lines are clean and professional and you’ve got 4 places to emphasize special points about what you can do with graphics and text underneath. Best of all, this template is free.

Microsoft Office

5. Stock Layots – http://www.stocklayouts.com

This ready-made design is an awesome way to give your house cleaning business a fresh look. It can be condensed into a ΒΌ page design so you can distribute more for your money and your message will come across is a clear way. It’s perfect for those businesses who are looking to expand into new markets or new demographics.