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5 Free Realtor Flyer Templates

As a realtor, you need to get your name out there so you can generate some leads. You could spend hundreds of dollars to put your name onto billboards, city benches, or the Yellow Pages, or you could spend nothing on the free realtor flyer templates that will help you promote your strengths to each neighborhood. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, then here are the best of the best that we’ve hand-selected from the internet for your consideration.

1. Zillow – http://www.zillow.com/

This real estate website is one of the first places that people tend to go to look at homes for sale or rent in their area. It should also be the first place to go for the free realtor flyer templates that you need. You’ll have plenty of places to put images of the property into the template! There are also a number of places for you to put the key data about the property in place with your own text so that you can get the leads you need. There are even a number of different styles to give you some variation.


2. Realty Juggler – http://www.realtyjuggler.com/

Even though most of the flyers from this site are from paid templates, this free flyer template that they are offering as a sample will effectively meet all of your needs. There are lots of places for graphics to be included and you can include all of the key points for a property right in the middle of the flyer for easy viewing. There’s a place for your picture and contact information as well. The best part about this flyer, however, is that there is also room for a QR code so you can send someone to a website with more info about your property quickly.


3. Microsoft Office – http://office.microsoft.com/

If you’re looking for a fast and effective free flyer as a realtor, you can’t beat the effectiveness of this design that’s offered by Microsoft Office. Images dominate the flyer design and you can easily insert your own images into the flyer template. There’s room for four images and the striped design along the bottom naturally draws eyes upward to see the key details of the property you’ve got in question. It can evenly be adapted for rental properties if you double as a property manager as well.

Microsoft Office

4. Snap Flyers – http://snapflyers.com/

Time is money when you’re a realtor. If you can spend less time on your flyers, but still get a quality result that will attract attention, then you’ll have created a win/win situation. The sample flyers that you’ll find on this site will meet your needs perfectly and they’ve been proven to be effective. Major national realty chains utilize the flyers from this organization to promote their listings. Make sure to download a flyer from the home page because there are paid flyers on this site as well.


5. Hloom – http://www.hloom.com/

For a modern take on the real estate flyer, this free download has everything you’d like to see. Six images that are featured with a diagonal line through the flyer to distinguish the lead images with the interior will create excitement visually. There’s enough room for the key details and your contact information and a table is included in this design so you can quickly fill in the data that you need to get in there.