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6 Best Mobile Site WordPress Plugins

More people than ever before are using mobile devices to access websites. They’re using their smart phones and their tablets in order to shop, make reservations, and generally view websites. Mobile site WordPress plug-ins can be utilized to make your WordPress website mobile friendly. Here is a list that explores some of the free mobile site WordPress plugins to help you determine the right ones for you.

1. Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin

Mobiloud Mobile App Plugin
This plugin turns a WordPress website into real native apps within a few minutes. It can work for both iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. The plugin is a service and there is no coding involved. The plugin is free, allowing you to try it out and test the functions. Once you wish to publish the app, there are fees involved.

2. AddFunc Mobile Detect

AddFunc Mobile Detect
You have the ability to redirect mobile traffic to a mobile site. You control what sites are redirected and can choose all pages or only a few. The plugin also provides short codes as well as a widget to be able to generate links to the mobile site of your choosing.

3. Average Mobile Detect

Average Mobile Detect
This plugin will redirect mobile traffic to a mobile site. Visitors can opt for a desktop site and there is short code provided. A widget will generate links and is customizable. The redirects happen on a page by page basis and it is possible to override on any page. There are short codes and a widget provided and no CSS rules are used within the plugin.

4. Scroll to Top for Mobile Sites

Scroll to Top for Mobile Sites
This plugin adds a button at the boom of the site once users have scrolled down. This will enable users to get the needed configuration for their mobile device. The features differ based upon the design for the individual browser.

5. WiziApp – Adaptive Mobile Themes

You don’t have to settle for one of the responsive WordPress themes because this plugin will allow you to choose a dedicated theme and create an app for Android or iPhone that is also compatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress. Top features include the ability to enable mobile users, customize headers and colors, play video and audio with mobile players, and display images in a native mobile app style.

6. Mobile Site Redirect

Redirect website visitors to a mobile site easily with this plugin. You can simply redirect to a separate mobile site so that those who are on mobile devices can switch back and forth between full and mobile sites.