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Top 6 Video Gallery WordPress Plugins

If a photo is worth 1000 words, imagine how many a video is worth. A video Gallery can provide an impressive display of information on your website, and there are free video Gallery WordPress plug-in that can be utilized. These provide an array of features, and give site visitors a video to watch in order to learn more about your website, your product, and/or your services. Explore some of the free gallery video gallery WordPress plug-ins now.

1. WordPress Video Gallery

WordPress Video Gallery
Create a stunning video gallery for your WordPress site. The plug-in is easy to install and there are many advanced features. Some of the features include the ability to customize widgets, options to hide the player, the ability to set a logo target, and customizations of the player. It also supports an array of telecasts and streaming.

2. Huzzaz Video Gallery

Huzzaz Video Gallery
This video gallery is powered by Huzzaz and allows you to use a single short code that will add in all of your videos from around the Internet into a great-looking video gallery. The design is also fully responsive, ensuring that it will look great regardless of what device a user visits your website from.

3. WP Video Gallery

WP Video Gallery
Manage your gallery of videos easily using this gallery plug-in. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and more can be included within your website. Lightbox effect is also provided, will show your video quickly and in a responsible way. Multiple skins are also available in the customization area, too.

4. Video Gallery

This simple to use plug-in allows you to build galleries for all of your videos from Vimeo, YouTube, and more. The videos can be embedded onto your WordPress site as a single video or into a full gallery. There are hundreds of active installs of this plugin.

5. Responsive Video Gallery with Lightbox

This is a beautiful plug-in that includes a video gallery slider along with a responsive light box. It is great for WordPress website and blogs. As the administrator, you will be able to manage unlimited videos within the gallery slider. You have the ability to add, edit, and delete videos and also preview a gallery before it goes live. Additional features include setting the slider as a circular design, editing the video, and changing the speed of the slider.

6. HDW Player Plugin

This plug-in allows you to embed an HDW player onto your website in order to handle an array of video media format. This will enable you to not only have a player, but also a video gallery that provides an incredible experience for your users.

You will love the different plug-ins and what they have to offer. Figure out which one works best with your theme, and the overall purpose of your website.