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Best Free Facebook Plugins for WordPress

Getting your name out there online requires having a social media presence. Even the best and most well written WordPress website will not get far without connections across a variety of social media platforms. Among those that people are most connected to is Facebook. With a reported user base of just over 1 billion people, Facebook is considered the king of social media. Designed to allow for communication and sharing between people, Facebook has a great deal of versatility when it comes to applications in WordPress. With that being said, some of the best Facebook plugins for WordPress include the following.

1. Facebook


Created and supported by Facebook itself, this wildly popular Facebook plugin has over 200,000+ active installs. Created with the same simplicity and common sense design seen throughout Facebook, the Facebook WordPress plugin includes open graph protocol, Facebook insights, the ability to add likes, to send, and to follow through the application of buttons, the ability to embed Facebook Posts, the ability to have a Facebook Comments Box social plugin, a recommendation bar and box, and shortcodes support.

2. Custom Facebook Feed

Custom Facebook Feed

Where as Facebook provides its own Plugin, it is left to the private modding community to create the plugins that allow for even more versatility with this social media platform. Custom Facebook Feed is a popular example. It allows you to display a completely customizable Facebook feed of any public Facebook page or group on my website. In addition, the Custom Facebook Feed allows for content to be crawlable by search engines, responsive to mobile use, useful in events, allows for custom CSS, and it is very simple to set up.

3. Hupso Share Buttons For Twitter, Facebook, and Google

Hupso Share Buttons For Twitter, Facebook, and Google

While most Facebook plugins out there target Facebook only, the Hupso Share Buttons allows you to add share buttons across multiple social media platforms. While providing limited functionality when it comes to Facebook alone, it more then makes up for this by allowing more then a dozen social media buttons to be added. Sporting a slick and minimalistic design, the Hupso Share Buttons are supported by a number of other plugins making them highly versatile.

4. Facebook Like Box Widget

The Facebook Like Box Widget does what its title describes. It allows for Facebook users to increase their likes by allowing people to like content from their own website. Simple and to the point, the Facebook Like Box Widget has over 100,000+ users.

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