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Best Free Weather Plugins for WordPress

What is more important than the weather? No matter who the target audience of your WordPress blog is, chances are that knowing the weather is a piece of information that they find important. The weather forecast can help your readers plan their day. Having weather updates available on your WordPress blog is a great way to give your readers what they are searching for.

Adding a weather plugin for WordPress can be the perfect addition. You can find one that is easy to install and offers detailed and accurate weather information. You want your WordPress site to be as helpful as possible to your visitors and this is enhanced with the use of the right weather plugin.

Choosing the best weather plugin for WordPress isn’t always easy with the wide variety of options available. However, these are the weather plugins that are most popular and would work best on your site.

1. Weather Forecast-WP Underground

Weather Forecast-WP Wunderground

This is one of the best looking and most popular weather plugins for WP. If you are looking for valuable sidebar content for your WordPress site, this plugin is a great option. You can choose from a variety of stunning templates and can share the weather with all of your visitors. It offers weather forecasts for any location and can even give users access to more information. It is known as one of the best weather plugins for WP, because it gives online users accurate weather details that matter most.

2. Weather Widget-Esotanc Weather

Weather Widget-Esotanc Weather

If you are looking for a weather plugin for WordPress that looks the most visually appealing, you can’t go wrong with the Weather Widget Esotanc plugin. With the installation of this plugin, your site will display a 5 day forecast that is multilingual. The best part is that this widget can display the forecast for any location. You can choose from 3 separate design styles and can even customize the layout.

3. WP World Weather Online

If displaying the weather forecast on the sidebar or within single posts is your primary concern, the WP World Weather Online plugin is best. This will give your visitors access to an accurate 3 day forecast. It is a bit more basic in design than some of the other weather plugins, but it is sufficient in providing accurate weather updates. All you need is shortcode and the forecast is from the API world weather service.

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