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Best Free WordPress Analytics Plugins

Managing your site is a constant task, but it is impossible to accomplish without the ability to accurately measure. The only way to keep your website most current and organized in a way that optimizes potential, is to measure the real data most integral to your website. WordPress analytical plugins are specifically designed to allow data analysis to not only take place, but to be simplified. This is the only way to determine if your online marketing efforts are effective or if you are wasting your advertising cash on the wrong marketing techniques. Getting a closer look at how exactly you are managing your efforts is possible through measuring tools attainable through WordPress analytic plugins.

What Factors Matter Most?

When you are managing your website there are a variety of factors to consider. Some of the factors that you can take a closer look at with the help of WordPress analytics plugins include traffic, bounce rates, unique visitors, conversion rates and social signals. There really is no limit to the type of data that you can get access to and the ability this data gives you to make informed decisions regarding the management of your site.

Narrowing Down the Best

Since measuring your website based on performance factors is becoming the norm, more and more WordPress analytics plugins are being developed constantly. However, not all WordPress analytics plugins are created equally. Some are better than others and have measuring tools that are more meaningful to your site. Here is a look at some of the very best WordPress analytics plugins you should bee using to better manage your website.

1. Analytics 360

Analytics 360

This WordPress analytics plugin for your site is designed to help you better understand the traffic you are receiving. You will be able to clearly visualize traffic trends for your site that are the most meaningful. This means that you can evaluate the effectiveness of blogs or email campaigns. There is even a feature to this plugin that allows you to isolate traffic that is driven to your site through various online marketing campaigns.

With this analytics plugin, you will have the ability to actually keep track of how your mailing list has grown over time and how multiple lists stack up against one another. If you are simply looking to gain a better understanding of how specific traffic is driven to your site, this plugin is essential. If you have implemented an email marketing campaign or are looking to in the future, the Analytics 360 plugin is a must-have for your site.

2. All in One Webmaster

All in One Webmaster

If you are looking for a WordPress analytics plugin that is specifically designed to help you rank higher within search engines, you don’t have to look further than the All I One Webmaster plugin. This plugin works by allowing access to a blog sitemap. This means that when you create new content or posts, that they are indexed quickly and recognized by the most relevant search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. All of these WordPress Analytics plugins offer unlimited benefits for your site management capabilities.

3. Easy Google Analytics for WordPress

This WordPress analytics plugin is one of the most popular and the easiest to use. It is specifically designed to be simple and give you access to data that is easy to analyze. You do not have to look to some secret formula to determine what is most effective on your site. A few features of the Easy Google Analytics WordPress are that it embeds into your WordPress site. All of the Google analytics features that can be found in the WordPress dashboard are included with this plugin. There is not only a sitemap submission option to Google and other search engines, but a manual HTML header and footer is also present. You can even get automatic Google updates uploaded.