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Best Free WordPress CMS Plugins

If you are looking to make the user interface simpler to work with, it might be time to take a closer look at some of the most popular WordPress CMS plugins. This type of plugin is designed to make the user interface easier to navigate allowing you to add custom content without the need of shortcode. Not only do these type of plugins offer more functionality to your WordPress site, but they also enhance appearance. All of the different WordPress CMS plugins work differently, but most accomplish the same goal. An easier user interface is important when you are designing and building your site, finding the right WordPress CMS plugin should be a priority.

What Do the Best WordPress CSM Plugins Offer?

Most CMS plugins work differently, but the benefits they offer are normally similar. When you use this type of plugin on your WordPress site, you can expect to add your own branding, take away some elements from your admin screen, improve the interface and alter admin menus. There are even some WordPress CMS plugins that allow you to create unique content without codes. This is through the use of custom posts and custom fields.

Now that you know what WordPress CMS plugins are designed to offer, it is time to take a closer look at the best options. There are many choices to choose from, but you do not need to become overwhelmed. You can’t really go wrong with any of the best WordPress CMS plugins. Here are a few of the most popular WordPress CMS plugin.

1. CMS Tree Page View

CMS Tree Page View

Managing all the content and pages of your site is not always easy. Improving the user interface is the main goal of most WordPress CMS plugins and that is where the CMS Tree Page View is superior. This plugin makes it possible to manage a site with many pages in the easiest manner possible. You can even use this plugin with custom post types, which is an excellent feature. The only negative part of using this WordPress plugin is that it only offers one thing. It makes it so much easier to manage multiple pages, but this is all that it does. If you are looking for a CMS plugin that offers more features, you might not want to choose the CMS Tree Page View plugin.

2. WP-CMS Post Control

WP-CMS Post Control

With this WordPress CMS plugin, you have the ability to have complete control over how the options are written for your site. You can hide unwanted custom fields and also create new content. With this plugin the possibilities really are endless. The best part is that this plugin is specifically designed to offer simplicity. You don’t have to waste time writing codes and can have only the controls you need shown on WordPress. Restricting the user roles administered to different post types and adding flexible options to restrict specific terms on edit screens are great features of this plugin. It doesn’t have a really intuitive interface, but this is no big issue when using the WP-CMS Post Control plugin.

3. Admin Branding

This is the perfect WordPress CMS plugin to brand and customize your admin for both your own personal use or for clients. It is a great plugin, because it offers user friendly branding customization options and even allows you to customize the login screen. The ability to custom the admin footer and add custom CSS is also possible with the use of the Admin Branding plugin. You only have to be leery of the limited menu customization options. Other than this small limitation, this is one of the very best WordPress CMS plugins that you can choose. Even though a few of the features are limited, the user friendly interface is what puts this plugin at the head of the class. It is easy to use and offer customization at the highest level.

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