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Best Free WordPress Editor Plugins

When you are building and designing your WordPress site, there are a few shortcuts you can take along the way. Getting your site functioning quickly with a visually appealing layout is the main goal. There are many WordPress plugins that can be the easy solution to all of your editing needs. Many of these plugins are free and can allow you to create, customize, edit and style your site in any way you see fit.

You have the freedom to be creative and come up with a design that matches your preferences, but the WordPress editor plugin that you choose makes everything so much easier. Editing your site doesn’t have to involve complex codes, even if you don’t have a lot of site design knowledge you will be able to create and design your site fully using a WordPress editor plugin.

So Many Plugin Options to Choose From

A WordPress editor plugin can make designing your site a breeze, but choosing the right plugin can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different editor plugins to choose from, but many of the free WordPress options are of high quality and preferred over paid alternatives. Enhancing the look of your site is possible with the use of a great editor plugin.

The appearance of your content is important and does make an impression on online users. If you want to make a great visual statement with your WordPress site, there are a few editor plugins you should choose from. Here are some of the best WordPress Editor Plugins and why they can be right for your site.

1. WordPress Helpers

WordPress Helpers

The main benefit of this WordPress editor plugin is that it enables you to gain control of your WordPress admin bar. This will display all ID’s on the edit screen for pages, posts, users’ tags and so much more. All of the hidden settings on your page will now be accessible using this plugin. Not only will the theme switcher be disabled, but the screen options tan will also be removed. Customizing your login screen logo and background color is an added bonus of using this editing plugin.

The only downside to the WordPress Helpers plugin is that it is not perfect. It doesn’t really offer many features and it simply is designed to enable you to access the hidden setting of your WordPress site. If you are looking for a fairly basic editing tool, this might be the ideal option.

2. Visual Editor Custom Buttons

Visual Editor Custom Buttons

If fast and easy is what you desire in an editor plugin for your WordPress site, you don’t have to go far. The Visual Editor Custom Buttons plugin is designed to be the simple solution. Using this plugin, you can add custom buttons to your visual editor and HTML editor. This means that you can start adding HTML code. Previewing the effects of the buttons are also possible when setting the CSS. A large number of button icons are a great feature of this plugin and you still have the freedom to add some of your very own customized buttons.

3. WYSIWYG Widgets


If adding widget blocks to your site is what you are looking to achieve, this is the best plugin. These can then be displayed at the widget areas of your site. Editing all the widget blocks that you are looking to post is made so easy using the WYSIWYG Widgets plugin. You can create and design great looking widgets that add to your site. Inserting media, headings, quotes and lists into your widgets is easier than ever before using this plugin. It is the complete widget editing tool with countless features.

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