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5 Best Free WordPress Related Posts Plugins

WordPress websites without social media or sharing simply don’t work as effectively. That is why there is a whole host of plugins specifically created to make posting and sharing easier then ever. From share links that go to a range of social media platforms to news feed XML aggregation, sharing is everything. With that in mind, let us go through some excellent WordPress related posts plugins designed to increase your internal traffic by making your users more aware of the content you create. These include the following top plugins.

1. WordPress Related Posts

Manual Related Posts

WordPress Related Posts does just what its name implies. By adding a widget in the footer of your content, individuals will be more likely to click the content and share it with their friends. Along with boosting internal traffic by 10%, WordPress Related Posts has the opportunity to re-engage your reader in other content that he or she may find interesting.

Some of the features that come with WordPress Related Posts include easy to set up widgets for the footer of your WordPress website. Along with having some versatility in the widgets, WordPress Related Posts also provides excellent support and comes with a detailed use and FAQ section. Finally, with over 100,000+ active users, it remains the most popular related posts plugin currently out.

2. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts

Where as WordPress Related Posts can be seen as direct and bare bones, Contextual Related Posts is a plugin that promises a lot in terms of its options. The plugin provides numerous opportunities for you to add related posts widgets across your WordPress website. With its very own inbuilt style sheet, the Contextual Related Posts looks great while providing a useful service to the WordPress website owner.

A list of the features that come with Contextual Related Posts include an automatic process that will add and change related posts information when you add general content, a manual install feature that provides you the full range of control in what is added or not, lots of widget options available that change depending on the nature of the theme you are using, algorithm and short code support, caching, exclusions, custom post types, thumbnail support, and much more. In addition, it is the second most actively used related posts plugin with 60,000+ active users. Along with excellent support and a surprising number of positive reviews, it is easy to understand why.

3. Related Posts

Related Posts

A simple name for a straightforward plugin, Related Posts is all about making it easier for your users to discover more of your content when they get to the end of whatever they are reading. Helping to make your content feel more credible and authoritative through design, Related Posts is an excellent source for an out of the box good looking widget design.

Some of the features supported by Related Posts include an easy to install and use design that makes placing the widget at the bottom of your WordPress website simple. There are also in text links available as well to provide a wider range of links in a different format. While not as popular as Contextual Related Posts or WordPress Related Posts, Related Posts still manages to have more then 50,000 active users, making it a well-respected and well kept up plugin.

4. Widget With Thumbnails

Widget With Thumbnails

Widget with thumbnails looks to take some of the versatility seen in the above plugins and apply it to a thumbnail design. With a smaller listing of self made articles displayed as thumbnails wherever you want the Widget to go, Widget with Thumbnails is an interesting idea you may want to take advantage of. That being said, with just over 1,000+ active users, Widget With Thumbnails has an ok following with poor instructions. Again however given its limited functionality, this should not take too much away from the service it provides.

5. Manual Related Posts

Manual Related Posts

Manual Related Posts is all about control. As with the majority of related posts plugins listed so far, these plugins work by finding the information you have created and then displaying it based on a certain set of rules that you have limited choice in changing. With Manual Related Posts you can choose every single link that shows up on every page, making very specific content channels designed by you for maximum efficiency.

Along with being a perfect way to keep people moving through an instructional manual or longer multi-part narrative, Manual Related Posts provides all of the control that is so often lacking when it comes to using WordPress. With over 5,000+ active users, Manual Related Posts is gradually becoming more and more popular. This is helped along by a large number of five star ratings related to actual users, and continuing updates and support designed to help make the use of Manual Related Posts easier for the community.

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