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Best Free WordPress Location Plugins

Location is playing an increasingly influential role in the virtual world. From obviously establishing a degree of familiarity or awareness as to where a company or store is based to having a phenomenal impact on search engine optimization and thus the rank of the website on search engine result pages, the importance of location cannot be understated. You can use some WordPress location plugins to not just notify the location but to use it for much more. Here are the top 3 WordPress location plugins for you to consider.

1. Store Locator Plus

Store Locator Plus

This plugin is most useful for websites that have some kind of directories. If there is a list of certain businesses or there is a need to showcase multiple locations, then Store Locator Plus would work wonders. It integrates Google Business Maps and then syncs the location provided on the site in real time. The plugin has an active support forum, the documentation available online is regularly updated, you can use it for or in any country where Google Maps has a presence or offers support, you can have unique markers on the map for specific locations and the map type can be changed too, from terrain to satellite to street among others. From zoom level to tracking distance, this tool is all you would need if you are looking for some WordPress location plugins. There are many premium add-ons which you may or may not opt for. It would be worthwhile to check them out.

2. WordPress Store Locator

WordPress Store Locator

This plugin gets you store locator, store finder and gives you exact locations on maps. The real differentiator for this app is the set of add-ons. You can customize the add-ons or have the basic ones and that can truly make a difference of how you would design, put up, use and manage your location widgets or features. From zip code search to finding stores by their names or street names, this plugin is truly handy. You get the luxury to have select add-ons as you need them. The plugin is light and compatible with all WordPress themes and works from within the WordPress panel or account.

3. SimpleMap Store Locator

SimpleMap is an international store locator using Google Maps. The plugin allows you to manage all locations from every country that Google Maps has a presence in, there is no capping on how many locations you can put up, you can have every page or just a few select pages having the location popped up, you can provide all the location details and the visitors to the site can use one or many elements of the location.

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