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Best Free WordPress Magazine Plugins

When you choose a WordPress plugin, you shouldn’t just look at what it is supposed to do but what all it can do. There are many WordPress magazine plugins that would just help you with the issue layout or will get the conventional look and feel of a magazine but there wouldn’t be much else to get your issue the leverage it needs over other publications. What you need are WordPress magazine plugins that can facilitate publishing a copy that stands out and for that you need some really good tools. Here are some of the most useful WordPress magazine plugins.

1. Manage Issue Based Magazine (Multi-language)

Manage Issue Based Magazine

Using this plugin you can transform almost any type of site into one that looks like a magazine. Most relevant for blogs, this plugin is also useful for sites that keep publishing new content, which could be articles, tips, guides or any other informative content. With this tool, you can transform the design and layout of your site, you can manage all your publications and keep them sorted without writing a code, you can ccategorize all your publications and make it easier for your target audience to browse the site, you can have pdf versions of your publications, there is date-wise or issue-wise browsing feature and you get multilingual support in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish and Chinese. Then there are drag and drop widgets catering to current issue, articles, lists, feature posts and more.

2. IssueM


With IssueM, you can create issues, articles and also assign those articles to their relevant issues, publish all articles or an issue from within the plugin, have archives for past issues, instill a search bar for subscribers to look for specific content and have featured articles or editorials displayed at some place on a roster. This plugin is easy to use, highly compatible with all themes you may consider on WordPress and you don’t have to worry about browser compatibility either.

3. Listly: Listicles For WordPress

Listicles For WordPress

No matter what format or type of article you are about to publish, this plugin will come in handy. It facilitates publishing slideshows, articles, blog posts, galleries and more. The plugin is embeddable, collaborative, is responsive so it can fit into various sizes and types of browsing devices, has various layouts, has social media integration and influences the rank of the website. Listly is for pros.

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