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Best WordPress Paypal Donation Plugins

Donations are ideal ways of rewarding someone for their work. Many individuals are relying upon the blog readers’ generosity as a means of paying the upkeep costs of running their site. There are also individuals from non-profit organizations who are relying upon the fundraisers.

Paypal donation plugins have been downloaded thousands of times, making them one of the most famous donation plugins in the entire WordPress directory. As the name implies, these plugins are especially designed for PayPal, the most widely recognized web based money transfer service in the world.

The specific donation button can be placed anywhere in the site including sidebar, posts, page, footer and header by utilizing simple short code. The following are WordPress Paypal Donation Plugins you can consider:

1. Seamless Donation

Seamless Donation
This is a great plugin worth considering it has plenty of modern and useful features that a plugin in this nature may need. This reveals thank you messages and allows site owners to send a thank you message or mail automatically to donors. If you are looking for a great plugin with tons of amazing features, then the Seamless Donations is the one perfect for your needs.

This plugin shows logs of donors and donations in PayPal. This also enables users to give tribute to their donors. Different payment levels for donors are shown to choose from. This even allows plugin users to donate anonymously.

2. Donation Thermometer

Donation Thermometer
This is a simple plugin that does not have tons of features, but this is fine for those with very basic criteria or needs. This plugin carry out the task of displaying a simple thermometer that collects donation with available short code. You can put and display this anywhere you prefer. Furthermore, you can specify the height and width of image and short code itself. This PayPal donation plugin can be customized easily and users can custom even smaller aspects like images, texts and colors through the settings.

3. Custom Post Donation

This is another Paypal donation plugin that allows you to create custom donations forms in your posts or pages. This is an ideal choice if you are looking for a reliable plugin for PayPal integration. Custom Post Donation is somewhat a different plugin compared to other PayPal donations plugins. This allows users to make three types of widgets namely fixed+additional donation, standard donation and per item+additional donation. There are two other types of widgets, but are only available on the Pro Version.

4. Donation Goals

This is a plug in that enables users to make unlimited donation campaigns with set goals, capture information about the donor and give donation progress to every campaign. The Donation Goals plugin integrates with PayPal IPN smoothly and then displays a progress meter. If you want to collect some money for a worthy cause, then this plugin can perfectly meet your needs. This also collects details about the donor and confirmation emails that you can customize.

Given all these plugins, individuals can now choose the best WordPress Paypal Donation plugins that suit their needs best.