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Top 5 WordPress Meetup Plugins

In organizing meet-up events, it is better if you have a reliable partner who can help you do the job at ease. That is why it is important to have a Meetup Plugins that contain features that can organize things and can do well coordination with those people involved in the meet-up event. Complete features yet easy to use Meetup Plugins the way you want to organize your event. Here are some WordPress Meetup Plugins that you can choose:

1. Meetup

This Meetup plugin can help you create one or more local events. With its functional features, you will surely have a smooth flow of the event.


  • Speakers: You can add speakers with their name, gravatar, url, bio and even slode url.
  • Schedule: You can create the schedule of your event in by breaking it down by hour.
  • Attendees: You can list all the expected attendees with their name and other information.
  • Sponsors: You can list all the sponsors with their name, description and logo.
  • Gallery: You can share and show to the users the event images by uploading it.

2. CampTix & Events Calendar for Meetup Groups

CampTix & Events Calendar for Meetup Groups
This Meetup plugin help you manage your meetup group events with the help of its features. Take note that this plugin will require you to install the CampTix and Event Calendar to use it.


  • Sponsor: New feature where you can put on the event the sponsor taxonomy and specify the number of sponsors in every event and display their names on your event pages.
  • Link up CampTix: You can link up the events and the tickets that allow you to display the attendess on the event pages.

3. WP Meetup

WP Meetup
This Meetup plugin is used over 9.5 million members and meet over 2000 times a day in local communities across the country. This plugin get information from Meetup.com and create post for every event. It also provides a calendar event to display events either on a widget or a page.


  • Multiple groups on one calendar with highlight color of each group to identify easily.
  • Multiple month events that include the past, present and future events to help your member plan for special events ahead of time.
  • Calendar Widget and Upcoming Event Widget display in the widget area.
  • Data base stability increase for creating calendar.

4. Meetup Widgets

Meetup Widgets
This Meetup plugin create two widgets:

  • Multiple Event List Widget: Display by ID or URL name from the meetup group.
  • Single Event List Widget: Shows the details of the event and display by ID link with RSVP (using OAuth Keys) or link with meetup.com
  • NOTE: This plugin requires an API Key ask on setting the page.

5. Meetup.com Venues

This Meetup plugin is very useful for the website venue to display what is going on. This allows you to list associated venue from meetup.com events.

NOTE: Some users/groups post event without using the existing venue that result in listing more than one venue in every real location.

These are some of the Meetup Plugins that will allow you to manage and organize single to multiple event at a time. Its feature is continuously updated by the developer to became more efficient and functional to the users/member and organizers.