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The Best WordPress Paypal Plugins

There are many PayPal plugins to try in the internet and each of these PayPal plugin has almost similar features but is widely different in terms of quality. These wordpress PayPal plugins are usually made for conducting online sales through their own websites. With these the process become easier and faster. Meaning, if the website is considered as online shopping and blog site, the customers can give their payment through the application of PayPal which can be available in the site. This makes it easier for them since there is no need to redirect into the PayPal site to simply transact the payment. If you are into search for the best wordpress PayPal plugins, then you may select form the following.

1. Donate Plugin

Donate Plugin
This plugin is considered one of the best in line of many paypal plugins out there. It gives the user an ability to be paid with bonus form the users in a simple way. It is just about activating the plugin on your wordpress admin panel, then insert the donate widget into your blog sidebar.

2. Multi-Currency PayPal Donation Plugin

Multi-Currency PayPal Donation Plugin
This is paypal plugin that is used for getting donations which will come from your blog users in various formats of currency. If you have your account for accepting donation in different currency format, it is then, the plugin that you are searching for.

3. Are PayPal Plugin

This is a wordpress paypal plugin that is used for monitor your wordpress blog through defining some content as hidden. It is if the users are not registered for that certain part. This has features like the Post/Page which can be set to have the hidden content, administrator to grant access with the paid content for the users, price for all of blogs, and it uses IPN or the Instant Notification Protocol for the payment and content delivery’ full automated process.

4. JW PayPal Short codes Plugin

This is another PayPal for every WordPress users that comes with best features. It is also the plugin that provide the ability to add the PayPal website payments standard to your blog by using some short codes. If you want to sell a single item by using your blog, it is the plugin which can help you on doing that. Yu may easily add it into your cart option of your blogs.

Generally speaking, PayPal plugins comprises lots of features and advantages which can turn a wordpress blog to become a reliable online shopping website. This allows the customers to feel the ease of purchasing and pay what they’ve purchased (products and services) without any further complicated processes to apply. Any of these best online wordpress PayPal plugins can be available at all times. But select the best one if you want to enhance development of your online shopping status and attract more shoppers online.