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The Top 6 WordPress Video Lightbox Plugins

A website without a video can seem very dull. There are many reasons why a video should be used, and it is worth considerably more than a picture. You can tell your site visitors a lot about your website and your product/services when you incorporate a video. With video Lightbox plugins, this process has become easier to organize your video gallery. Her are some of the best free WordPress video lightbox plugins to be explored.

1. WP Video Lightbox

WP Video Lightbox
This plug-in makes it easy to embed videos on any of the WordPress pages using a lightbox overlay display. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can be displayed in an elegant way. Features

2. Lightbox Plus Colorbox

Lightbox Plus Colorbox
This plug-in makes it possible to view larger versions of video as well as images and slideshows. It is a simple to use image overlay tool that can be used for your website or blog. It can help to highlight the video by causing the background to go dark or light and dim over the page.

3. Video Gallery

Video Gallery
Video files can be displayed easily within your WordPress website or blog. This includes videos from Vimeo and YouTube. There are five different views and the ability to add unlimited galleries and videos. There is widget integration and quick support. There is also customization available within the design and lightbox. Finally, it is fully responsive for support of various devices.

4. Easy Lightbox WordPress

Easy Lightbox WordPress
For images and videos on a site, this plug-in offers simple installation and will work automatically. It supports most internet browsers and is fully responsive, which is ideal for site visitors who are going to use a mobile device to access your website.

5. Video Lightbox WooCommerce

When you have an e-commerce site with WooCommerce, this plug-in can help you to integrate video lightbox. This is particularly effective when promoting various products with a how-to or demo video. This is an add-on plugin that will automatically override current lightbox options. A product thumbnail will be featured until someone actually clicks on the video. It will then popup as its own video.

6. Video YouTube Lightbox

All of your favorite videos on YouTube can be added to a playlist and then displayed in a lightbox with one click. You can add videos to the playlist as long as you have the URL and title of the video. You can limit the videos to be displayed and the video can play directly from the lightbox. This plugin also includes an autoplay slideshow and an ability to control the animation speed.

With so many video lightbox plug-ins, you can determine which one is going to work best for your theme and the overall functionality of your website.