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Top 8 WordPress Image Upload Plugins

Uploading images should be simple. The more images you have, the easier it is to display products, explain your services, and generally provide more content for consumers. With an image uploader, you can organize the process, ensure that the files are coming in properly, and place them on the necessary pages quickly. Lets explore some of these image upload plugins from WordPress below.

1. Header Image Uploader

Header Image
This plug-in makes it easy to upload a header image for your post, simply by adding a meta-box in the post admin. This makes it easy to add an image to every post quickly.

2. Rk Image Upload

Rk Image Upload
This plug-in is used for single image uploads, using an upload widget that will upload the media, and then display it on the front end.

3. Cloudinary

Take your images to the next level by uploading them to the cloud, and then perform an array of facts and resizing from within the plug-in. This will ensure that you have a backup of all of your photos within the cloud, instead of being hosted on a server. You also won’t have to worry about using image editors because the plug-in will be able to transform and manipulate all of your images online, and from within the WordPress console.

4. 7k Image Uploader

When one image is not enough, you are able to have multiple ones by using this plug-in. The PHP file is small, and the image upload or field will appear just under the post editor.

5. Auto Post After Image Upload

After you upload each media from the WordPress media gallery, you will be able to create a post automatically. This allows you to create single as well as both posts to stay organized and simplify your workflow.

6. NextGen Public Image Uploader

Front end image uploads are allowed with this plug-in. It can be a standalone upload or be integrated into the NextGen Gallery for WordPress. It is stable, secure, and offers such features as thumbnail generation, upload to queue, and a direct to gallery upload.

7. Boxer Image Upload

This is a unique plug-in because it will allow images to be placed into your favorite sidebar. The widget will show up in the sidebar, and a single image can be uploaded so that it shows up in the sidebar location of any custom URL.

8. WP Image Uploader

Turn your WordPress website, or a portion of it, into an image hosting website. This will make it easier to share a significant amount of images with specific users or with the world.

Image uploaders can be just what you have been looking for. The plug-in needs to work for your specific WordPress theme, and therefore, you may have to try out a few up loaders before you find one that works. They can provide an array of different features, so you ultimately have to choose what works best for your website specifications.