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The Top WordPress Password Protected Page Plugins

Do you have some pages on your site that are protected by a password? Are you worried about the security of your blog online? Forget about your concerns. All you have to do is to use any WordPress password protected page plugins. Here is a list of the best WordPress password protected page plugins you can try on today:

1. Password Protected

Password Protected
This WordPress plugin offers an easy way to instantly password protect your website using just one password. This particular plugin simply secures the content of your WordPress site. It has no capability to protect the uploaded files or images. It comes with some brilliant features such as the option to permit access to the feeds and the option to permit the administrators to access the protected pages without keying in the password. This plugin works with Jaquith’s login and Uber login logo plugins. Keep in mind that Password Protect doesn’t work with WP Engine hosting as of now because of their page caching completion.

2. WP Hidden Password Protected Pages

This plugin is primarily designed for concealing the posts or password protected pages in WordPress. Once the plugin has been activated, the pages that are password protected would be hidden. Also, the only person who knows the access URL will only be the one to have a continuous access on those pages. The optional settings that comes along with this plugin is that the unlocked password protected pages would be locked again following the idle time.

3. Password Protect WordPress

Do you wish that your blog is kept far and protected from people with malicious intentions? Password Protect WordPress is the answer to your need. It comes with intelligent UI together with endless features that will turn the task of keeping the data private and safe easy. On the other hand, you have to take note that this WordPress password protect plugin would not function on WPEngine because of its highly aggressive caching. You should make use of w3-total-cache in replacement of wp-super-cache.

Deactivating the caching plugin doesn’t wash out the cache at all times. Prior to deactivate the caching plugin, you should proceed to the plugin Admin page first and then turn off the caching plugin from there.

Password Protect WordPress will not require you to have a user account but only one password. It comes with simple to use admin panel. Its paid version comes with superb features that you will surely love.

4. AskApache Password Protect

This WordPress plugin integrates crazy additional security and password protection on your blog. It is completely and totally different from any other WP security plugin. It works within the application-level through using or controlling the PHP so as to stop the attacks. This plugin functions at the network-level prior level. That is the reason why this particular plugin is very darn efficient. This WordPress plugin is mainly designed to prevent automated attackers who try to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in your blog which lead to a hacked website. Its power is that it can generate a virtual wall through the use of a built in Apache server security all over your blog, permitting it to stop the attacks prior they get in touch with your blog to give a suspicious payload.

For your own benefit, you figure out what plugin suits the most your needs. Be wise and choose what’s best for you.