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Top 7 WordPress Advanced Search Plugins

There are advanced search plug-ins that can make it easier for people to find what they are looking for on your website. Regardless of whether you are e-commerce, or a blog, people will be able to search within the search box using specific keywords to find a specific product or page. The free WordPress advanced search plug-ins can be just what you need to simplify the process even further. Be sure to review this essential list to some of the top WordPress advanced search plugins below.

1. Ultimate WP Query Search Filter

Ultimate WP Query Search Filter
This plugin allows you to filter searches easily through meta fields, post types, and taxonomies. Results can be displayed using Ajax or a search template. Features include support of multiple search forms, multiple form types, and is extendable with hooks. The short form can also be displayed with a short code.

2. Search Results Optimizer

Search Results Optimizer
The benefit to this plugin is that it’s smarter than the average advanced search tool. It will learn what users find helpful and will prioritize future searches automatically. Top features within the plugin include custom result ordering, highlighting of search words, result pinning, and related searches.

3. WP Lucky Search

WP Lucky Search
The WP Lucky Search plugin adds an “I’m feeling lucky” Google button into the search form and will redirect to a random post on your website based upon the search term that they have used. Other settings allow you to set what posts the results are fetched from.

4. WordPress WP-Advanced Search

This is one of the most complete WordPress plugins for adding an advanced search to your website. There are more than 700 active installs and a long list of features that can be implemented.

5. GeoTheme Advanced Search Widget

This is an advanced search widget that replaces the default search widget within your theme. Multiple level categories are included within the search. The plugin can be activated quickly and you can drag the widget to the sidebar where you want the search box to appear.

6. Advanced Search by My Solr Server

There are countless features within this plugin that allows you to replace the default search box. You will be able to index posts, pages, and custom post types. Other features include enabling search on a variety of fields, adding in special template tags, and creating custom summaries.

7. Enhanced Search Form

This is an enhanced search form that allows users to search through posts within different categories as well as make advanced queries regarding the month archives, tags, and much more. The installation is simple and a Screenshots tab allows for an enhanced search form.