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The Best 8 Soundcloud WordPress Plugins

Soundcloud is one of the top tools on a website to be able to play music from various artists. You can promote your own music or promote the music of others. There are some free Soundcloud WordPress plugins that you can use to make it easier for people to listen right from your website without a lot of complicated coding.

Many of these plug-ins are not just about playing music. It has to do with organizing, promoting, and even offering competitions. Explore some of the different features within the plug-ins say you can find the one that is right for your website – and the overall purpose of your website by reviewing this list of top Soundcloud WordPress plugins below.

1. SoundCloud is Gold

SoundCloud is Gold
This plug-in makes it possible to browse through sound cloud tracks, favorites, and sets. You will be able to select/ad track to your post, and live review is made easy. It’s the official HTML 5 player. There is also a new widget that will display the latest tracks so that people know what you have recently released. There is an upload media pop-up window, making it possible for you to upload them of your latest music directly from the website. There is also the ability to change the settings of the players. When you add to a post, allowing you to make a one-office change. Other features include a live preview, the ability to save multiple users, and the ability to change the look of the default player.

2. SoundCloud Master

SoundCloud Master
Sound cloud master is a WordPress plug-in that is lightweight, with clean code. It allows you to show off and sell music tracks. Whether you are a musician, a producer, or someone else within the music world, you now have the ability to create, record, and share sounds easily. As long as you have a soundcloud account, this plug-in will provide a number of benefits. There are several different widgets available within the advanced version. The free, lite version makes it possible to have a soundcloud buttons widget, and be able to display, change, and hide the widget title.

3. SoundCloud Ultimate Plugin

SoundCloud Ultimate Plugin
This is referred to as the ultimate plug-in for reason. Once you have a sound cloud account, you will be able to display, preview, upload, or delete tracks to and from your account from within your website. This allows pod casters, musicians, as well as web owners to use soundcloud as a way of displaying tracks. Some of the top features include secure authentication, the display of all tracks, the ability to upload new tracks, and the ability to play and preview currently uploaded tracks from within the admin panel of WordPress.

4. SoundCloud Sound Competition

SoundCloud Sound Competition
This is one of the most impressive plug-in that is currently available on the market. It will allow you to host competitions for sound or remix within your WordPress site. It integrates soundcloud as well as Facebook secure voting. You will be able to make an app inside of sound cloud and add the parameters in the settings. You then choose a database slug when the competition comes to an end, and this will create a new competition when you are ready to start a new one. Facebook secure voting and multilanguage are supported within the plug-in. The setup is simple and want to through all of the steps.

5. ACF SoundCloud Playlists

ACF SoundCloud Playlists
Bring all of your own sound cloud playlists instantly to your website. You will be able to add them to a post, as well as to a widget. The only thing that you will need is a sound cloud account in order to make use of the plug-in. The installation is simple and you will have the ability to promote all of your favorite playlists from your website.

6. SoundCloud Latest Tracks

SoundCloud Latest Tracks
This plug-in allows you to choose a particular soundcloud user and display their latest number of tracks. You choose the number of tracks you wish to play, and they will recycle on your page. Users will have the option to “hear more” using a button and get the next number of tracks chosen from the soundcloud user. Many people prefer using the plug-in as opposed to embedding a single soundcloud player.

7. Rotate SoundCloud Player

Rotate SoundCloud Player
This plug-in provides a widget that will allow you to feature all of the latest tracks within the sound cloud playlis. There are also options that will allow you to rotate with some of the older tracks. If you run a podcast, this may be the ideal solution that you have been searching for. You have the ability to choose all tracks for a user, as well as a particular playlist.

8. SoundCloud Shortcode

This plug-in will convert all of your sound cloud short codes into an embeddable sound cloud flare. It works for track, user, group, or playlist. Once you have installed the plug-in, it will work for any blog post. Optional parameters supported within the short code include width, height, and params.

It should come as no surprise that there are so many free and impressive sound cloud WordPress plug-ins. You will be able to download any and all of them, though it is important to explore the features and how they will look with your WordPress theme. In the end, there may be one that shines above the rest, providing you with all of the benefits that you had hoped for within your website.