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Top 7 WordPress Workflow Plugins

You should never have to do more work than what is absolutely necessary. Workflow plug-ins for WordPress can make it easier to automate the entire process. This allows you to identify tasks in a hassle free capacity so that you can get more work done. Here is a look at some incredible free wordpress workflow plugins on the market.

1. Oasis Workflow

Oasis Workflow
This is a highly rated plug-in because it provides a lot of feature-rich components. It automates the editorial workflow using an intuitive graphical user interface. There are three task templates provided, including assignment, review, and published. It is possible to configure workflow using drag/drop features.

2. Edit Flow

Edit Flow
Collaboration is made possible with this plug-in, featuring such modules as a calendar, notifications, story budget, custom statuses, and user groups for organizing by department. All of the modules can be customized to fit individual needs.

3. WTG Tasks Manager

WTG Tasks Manager
Use the workflow system in order to be something more than a to do list. While it is still in beta mode, it is going to make use of social networking, cloud services, and more to simplify an array of tasks for the online business that is being managed within WordPress.

4. PressForward

This free plug-in is designed for content aggregation and duration. It will provide editorial workflow so that you can collect content from the web, discuss content, and share content. This is ideal when you are in the editorial or blogging industry where content needs to be collected from various open web sources.

5. Work the Flow

This plug-in is a two and one because it provides short codes to make it possible for rent and users to upload files and there is a step-by-step workflow. There are drag-and-drop uploads available, as well as image gallery displays, reordering, as well as archiving.


This is ideal for media libraries as it will allow you to organize the metadata of images, audio clips, video clips, and any other kind of media. Tags and ratings can also be included on the media files. All of the metadata can be transferred automatically into the media library upon upload.

7. Clone & Replace

This plug-in provides a draft workflow where you have the ability to save unpublished drafts, preview posts, and submit drafts to be reviewed by someone else. Posts can also be scheduled. There are two features that make this plug-in unique – there is the ability to clone posts and replace posts with a different one.

Each of the different workflow plug-ins are different. You will want to explore each of them to see which one works best with your WordPress theme.