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Most of the time, you’re going to be able to backup your MySQL database using the control panels. Sometimes that process just doesn’t work. It can just fail outright. Sometimes it times out if you’ve got a pretty big database. To get around these issues, having a PHP script in place that will help you invoke a MySQL dump to give you a backup file in your private directory is the solution that you need. You can also set up the PHP to dump one or more of your tables or just a select number of your databases if you have more than one on a server.

1. A Simple, Basic Script

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to just add your own script to the existing PHP file that you have so that you can get the backup done. No matter what platform you’re using for MySQL, the following line can be added to your PHP file so that you can run the backup by visiting the PHP URL through your browser.


2. Use MySQL Hotcopy

If you are performing a backup on your server and the tables that you have on that server are all MyISAM tables, then you can use MySQL Hotcopy in order to do the backup as well. This process gives you a number of different options to backup the tables, including the ability to keep the target direct name intact, insert checkpoint entries, or even reset the binary log after you lock all of the tables.

If you have anything on your server besides the MyISAM tables, however, you won’t be able to use this process.

3. Use Exec() For External Commands

Depending on the system that you are using, you may need to utilize an execute command in your scripts to be able to successfully get the file dump to start. That’s typically seen in Linux systems and it would also allow you to run it directly from the internet. In this instance, your script would look like this instead.

exec(‘mysqldump -user= –password= –host= DATABASE_NAME > /path/to/output/file.sql’);

4. Use Shell Commands

In the open source MySQL system, you might want to setup the option of being able to download something specific instead of having to download the entire server. This is especially beneficial if certain tables are updated daily, while others might be updated weekly, monthly, or on a different timing system. To do so, you might consider utilizing the Shell commands with your script, as you can see below.

shell> mysqldump [options] database_name [table_name]
shell> mysqldump [options] -databases name
shell> mysqldump [options] -all-databases

If you want to dump an entire database, then just don’t name any tables following the database name. You can also use the all-databases option if you prefer. It is important to note that the mysqldum won’t include the information-schema database unless you specifically name it in the command line and you’ve got to use the skip/lock/tables option to do it.

You’re in the middle of a status update on your favorite social media site and then BOOM! It happens faster than you can blink. Your browser freezes up and you get that yellow drop-down message of death: Shockwave has crashed on you. Why does this happen so often and especially when you’re using Chrome? Is there any way to fix it?

The Problem is the Relationship With Adobe Flash

Unlike other web browsers, Google Chrome and Adobe flash would never be considered BFFs. When using Flash, you’re subjecting yourself to slow downs and crashes that can leave you so annoyed that you’d be willing to stop using all Google products forever. It happens because Chrome calls upon the internal installation of Flash within its browser, whereas the other browsers call upon the installation of the operating system.

On a good day, you can’t tell the difference. The problem starts when Chrome tries to use both installations of Flash that are on your system. Yeah that’s right… Chrome has Flash and your O/S has Flash and when both are used, you don’t get supersonic speed. You get a locked-up internet browser that crashes all of your active windows.

How Can This Get Fixed?

It’s important to note that the Shockwave warning you get doesn’t have anything to do with the Shockwave program. The resolution of this problem is pretty simple. You just need to get into the plugin settings for Chrome and disable the browser’s internal installation of Flash manually. It’s very important that you disable the AppData folder one and not the installation that acts as the one for the O/S.

Once you’ve done this, then you just need to close your browser windows. Don’t refresh the closed tabs if you get the option when you restart Chrome. From there, all you’ve got to do is resume your normal browsing and it should happen in real-time for you.

Are there any consequences to this action? The only real problem that you’ll have is that you’ll need to manually check for updates of Flash because the browser won’t automatically update.

What About Software Conflicts?

The other issue with this Shockwave error is that sometimes software or malware can make Chrome conflict with your computer. You can check if this is going on by going to the Chrome conflicts page [chrome://conflicts] to see if you’ve got any warnings going on. Update the software as necessary, remove the malware, and you should be set. Worst case scenario? Turn off your O/S Flash anyway and see what happens.

The Shockwave crash can be pretty irritating, but it can also be fixed in just a couple minutes. Now stop being annoyed and get back to being productive.

Are you trying to promote an event at your club? Or maybe you’ve got an upcoming gig at a local club that you want to be able to promote on your own? One of the most effective marketing efforts in these circumstances is to have a street team out, engaging people, and hanging up flyers around the local neighborhood. In order to attract people, however, you need to have a fun, attractive design that will catch someone’s eye and make them want to come. That’s what the most awesome PSD club flyer templates are able to do.

1. Creative Flyer – http://creativeflyer.net/

With an entire page dedicated to freebies, you’ll be able to get some incredibly creative flyers on this website that will help you promote any event. The colors are bold, the designs are fantastic, and you’ll have plenty of room to put out your information. The font designs here on these PSD templates is clear and you can promote everything from a local DJ to an upcoming dance. All of these designs are very easy to edit as well, making them a tremendous resource.

Creative Flyer

2. Flyer Heroes – http://flyerheroes.com/

Whether you’re looking for a flyer that will draw a business luncheon to your club or you’re trying to promote one of the hottest indie bands in the country right now, all of the resources that you need can be found on Flyer Heroes. With simple, stunning designs that can do everything from promote a change in your menu to the live music that will be playing deep into the weekend night, you’ll receive an attractive template that will instantly catch someone’s eye and make them want to read it.

Flyer Heroes

3. Design Inspiration – http://designspiration.net/

One of the most important tools in your arsenal is the flyer, so if it looks bad, your club is going to look bad too. Don’t settle for just any one style of flyer to promote what you’ve got. At Design Inspiration Magazine, you’ll find some of the best PSD club flyers that are available on the internet today, all put together in one spot for your consideration. Many of them have free fonts that are included with the download to further enhance the customization as well.

Design Inspiration

4. Awesome Flyer – http://www.awesomeflyer.com/

Even though it is a Tumblr site, don’t discount the work that the blog owner has put in at Awesome Flyer. You’ll find plenty of free PSD flyer templates that will help you create the best first impression possible. As an added benefit, you can also create your own templates and sell them through this website if you really get a good bug of creativity working for you.

Awesome Flyer

5. Fresh Flyers – http://freshflyers.net/

With PSD club flyer templates that cover holidays, special events, and just about anything else you can imagine your club doing, Fresh Flyers has new templates available every week. You’re invited to use one of the free templates to drive results and test just how good the template can be. You can also sell your own templates through the site if you want. The benefit of this site is that many of the flyer templates replicate professional designs, so it’ll look like you spent a lot to your customers when you didn’t have to pay a lot.

Fresh Flyers

If you’re looking for a way to publish a good website without having to learn a ton of code, then Dreamweaver is one of the best options available to you today. It lets you share work directly from the application and helps you to keep up with modern web standards by consistently updating with new features. It all helps you to work faster, be smarter about your coding, and give you the chance to up your ecommerce game. Here are the best free Dreamweaver ecommerce templates available right now.

1. Independence – http://www.webassist.com/templates/independence

You’ll receive a home page and a subpage template to use with this option and the images that are included in the template are licensed for use by you or your clients. The ecommerce template is a little basic compared to some others that may be available, but the red, white, and blue color scheme is attractive and visually directs people right to your products. Large buttons encourage people to purchase and a footer menu lets people do more research about what you’ve got.


2. Rampart – http://www.webassist.com/templates/rampart

If you’re looking for a template that offers a background image in the background that compliments your branding, then this is the free Dreamweaver ecommerce template to use. The products are placed front and center on the page and you’ve got a full block of content reserved for you to enhance the perceived value of the product that you’re sharing. The subpages are inventory focused and allow for a seamless, effortless shopping experience.


3. Modular – http://www.webassist.com/templates/modular

This template helps to provide a dramatic first impression thanks to its stunning color combination. It’s an informational type of template that puts your content above your images, but you do have a good place for branding with the top image location. It’s a two column template that will let you separate your content into categories on the home page, letting people easily find and research what they need to know about what you’ve got to offer.


4. Containers – http://www.webassist.com/templates/containers

If you want something that is simple and clean, then this template is going to provide you with what you want. It’s also based more on information than graphics, but you can easily integrate images into the content if you wish. The header is small, putting more emphasis on the quality of the content you provide. It’s also a two column template with the menu options on the right instead of the left.


5. Fresh – http://www.webassist.com/templates/fresh

For a striking template that will let you immediately bring the attention of a visitor to the content you want them to see, this darker template will help you to highlight specific items and let them be understood at just a glance. Put in videos easily into this template and add in an appointment calendar so people can book a time with you straight from your home page if you wish. With just a little adjustment, you can quickly take this home page that looks a bit like a blog toward a customized ecommerce platform that will help you make profits a priority.


One of the best ways to keep all of the property owners on the same page in your neighborhood is through the use of a monthly or quarterly newsletter. This can help everyone know what efforts the HOA is planning to take to improve the neighborhood, discuss various care options that can help to beautify properties, and even highlight neighborhood rules that might be falling out of compliance. The best homeowner’s association newsletter templates will quickly and effectively help you get this information out to everyone. Let’s take a look.

1. Stock Layouts – http://www.stocklayouts.com/

With hundreds of different graphic design templates available, including a number of free templates that you can pick from to try out for your first newsletter, your HOA will create a professional newsletter without cutting into the revenues you get from your dues with this service. You can then keep using that free downloaded template if you wish or move toward a number of other designs to add variation if you wish. With numerous categories available and lots of modern designs, you’ll create an inviting newsletter with just a few clicks.

Stock Layouts

2. Graphic River – http://graphicriver.net/

With over 240 unique newsletter templates from which to choose, there’s a unique look just waiting for you at this website. You can use them for an online newsletter if you wish or there are plenty of print newsletter templates available for your selection as well. From a standard company look to a newsletter that looks like your morning newspaper, there is some fun and professional options that will help you really express the personality of your neighborhood graphically.

Graphic River

3. Xerox – http://www.xerox.com/

If you’re looking for some big and bold newsletters that will help you put the information your HOA needs up on the front page, then Xerox has a number of good homeowner’s association newsletter templates to help you out. You can get many of these templates in different sizes as well, from the standard letter size to A4 and even tabloid size if you wish. Bold headlines, highlighted colors, and modern designs will help you incorporate images as well in a creative, inviting way.


4. Carbon Graffiti – http://www.carbongraffiti.com/

If you’re looking for a free HTML templates for your HOA, then Carbon Grafitti has the tools to help you get your newsletter sent out via email. There are a number of different designs available from the very basic to pretty advanced and you can incorporate RSS and your own custom coding if you want. As an added benefit, you can just download the templates directly from the site without needing to put in any personal information.

Carbon Graffiti

5. Fresh Templates – http://freshtemplates.com/

Bringing together the online homeowner’s association newsletter template to one that can be edited in MS Office and printed out, this site has a number of quality downloads that are free and easy to use. Just put in your content in the appropriate boxes, insert your images, and you’ve got a colorful newsletter that will drive your information home to every property owner in an effective way.

Fresh Templates

If you’re starting a new website, then you can’t go wrong with the choice of using Joomla 3.0. You’ll want a fast, lightweight template that will look good on all platforms, including all mobile devices. You also want browser compatibility that is as universal as possible and options that are easy to customize without needing to be fluent in HTML5 or CSS. The best free Joomla 3.0 templates incorporate all of this and much more! Let’s take a look.

1. Meet Gavern – http://www.gavick.com/

Based on Boostrap, Meet Gavern is a free, responsive Joomla 3.0 template that is clean, simple, and looks great. The information you need is put right up front for the user to see, but you’ll still provide a good UX thanks to the wide range of menu options and the extensive footer that is included with the design. Advanced typography lets you add block quotes, alerts, and even buttons to the site. You can change the fonts through Google or Squirrel and the standard Joomla manager is used for composition.

Meet Gavern

2. SJ Joomla 3 – http://www.smartaddons.com/

This flexible free Joomla 3.0 template is still pretty responsive and offers a quality framework for you to get started on your own website. The primary feature in this template is the admin panel that goes in-depth pretty well, but you’ll also get full mobile integration with this template upon installation. The graphics dominate the header like users like in a modern website, but the color scheme is a little basic to start. You’ll want to get into the CSS and make some changes if you utilize this free template.

SJ Joomla 3

3. Gantry – http://gantry-framework.org/

Using the AJAX system lets Gantry have functionality and the ability to utilize third party extensions. It’s more of a framework than a template, however, so you’ll need to get some building done on it unless you utilize the default template that is included. It’s incredibly responsible and works well on all platforms. For a free download, it’s difficult to find something that has this much potential value for a webmaster.


4. Wright v3 – http://wright.joomlashack.com/

This template framework also includes a default template and you’ll get all the documentation you need to build your own layout if you prefer. It’s presented by Joomlashack, so you’ll also get lots of tips and tricks to fully customize your site by using this mobile ready framework. It’s based off of Bootstrap, completely open source, and is built upon a solid 960 grid system that is fluid or fixed. There’s lots of buttons, labels, and alerts included as well, handing out a lot of value.

Wright v3

5. Zootemplate – http://www.zootemplate.com/

For an extensive collection of good free Joomla 3.0 templates, Zootemplate offers a full menu of designs that will help you find the right solution to meet your needs. You can demo each of the free templates and if you’ve got questions, there’s an online chat function available to help you choose the best template for your needs. With responsive designs, plenty of menu options available, and lots of different styles from which to choose, you’ll quickly find the perfect layout to get your new website off the ground.


One of the most effective ways to get feedback from your website is to have a single-page website form that will let your users send you a quick message. With a PHP form mailer, you can avoid the problems with security and the big customized scripts that similar pages have. All you’ve got to do is copy/paste these mailer scripts onto your preferred page and you’ll have a powerful tool that will help you provide a better UX in just seconds.

1. Free Contact Form – http://extensions.joomla.org/contact-forms

One of the advantages of a good PHP form mailer is that it gives you the opportunity to include your branding to a user one more time. You’ll be able to get a fully customized script from Free Contact Form if you wish, but there’s also a simple form that you can literally copy and paste into your website. You’ve just got to change the file name contact within the bare bones script and you’ll have the mailer you need up and running. From there, you can also edit the style of the form to better match your style.

Free Contact Form

2. Tutvid.com – http://tutvid.com/

One of the most effective places to get your PHP form mailer scripts is Tutvid.com. Not only will you be taken through the creation of your script line by line, but you’ll get a deeper understanding of how to customize your script so that it is very inviting for your users to send you feedback. You can give yourself the chance to gather customized information through the various fields, process the information quickly into a useable form, and receive it in your preferred email address – not just the webmaster address.


3. Form To Email – http://www.freecontactform.com/

How about creating your own customized PHP form mailer in just three minutes? Form to Email is a cloud-based form processing center that eliminates the need to do any PHP programming. You have everything processed in the cloud and then it is run through your control panel. You can also create forms to use in plenty of fields, use your own HTML or forms, or use their stock forms. It’s perfect for the beginner who needs a form mailer right away and may not have the code knowledge to correct a copy/paste error from a sample code from elsewhere.

Form To Email

4. Bell Online – http://bellonline.co.uk/

One of the best mailer scripts that is simple to install can be found through this UK site. You just download the mailer script for free and it’s super easy to customize it to meet your needs. Your users will also be prompted to enter random validation codes so you won’t get flooded with automated submissions that will just waste your time.

There’s no script editing involved either – you just change the config file based on the prompts that are already included and then you’re ready to get going. You won’t get extra fields or drop down menus for the free code, but you can get your coding fully modified by Bell Online for a reasonable price if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Bell Online

A carousel slider is a great feature on a WordPress website. This allows you to scroll through a variety of different images easily on the front page of your website. It can be easier to promote yourself, whether you are an artist, a photographer, or anyone else who has some visual details to share with the world. The different plug-ins will provide a variety of different features, enabling multiple carousels on a single page, as well as responsive designs.

There are plenty of free plug-ins, so there is no need to spend money in order to build a carousel on your website. Now, you can find out the best free WordPress carousel plug-ins that there are:

1. Carousel Ultimate

Carousel Ultimate
Short code can be used within this plug-in to display carousels on a post or in a page. It’s touch enabled or various devices and fully responsive. This means that it will automatically format based upon the mobile or desktop device that a person has chosen to use. Unlimited carousels can be used within the plug-in and there is auto play enabled.

2. Agnosia Bootstrap Carousel

Agnosia Bootstrap Carousel
A bootstrap carousel can be shown using the plug-in by utilizing gallery short codes. The plug-in makes assumptions that the theme includes a bootstrap JavaScript, or that the files have been included on your own. If the files are not included, the carousel will not work, so it is imperative that you provide these files in the background.

3. Carousel Slider

Carousel Slider
The touch enabled plug-in makes it possible to create responsive carousel sliders that are touch and grab enabled. The plug-in is lightweight and it is possible to include multiple carousels on a single page. There is also CSS3 3-D acceleration featured within the plug-in, providing more speed.

4. Lazy Carousel

Lazy Carousel
Lazy Carousel is designed to be a slider, as well as a carousel. It’s customizable and responsive for all devices. It is supported by major browsers and is SEO friendly as well. The benefits to using this plug-in are that it is lightweight and provides various ways to display photos – in carousels and sliders.

5. Kiwi Logo Carousel

Kiwi Logo Carousel
A logo carousel can be created per page, allowing sponsors and partners to be featured on the website, within a carousel. Each of their logos can be prominent within the carousel, offering a unique design. It is possible for more than one carousel to be featured per page, and the design is responsive. The logo carousel can be pasted into the theme using PHP or within a post using short code. There are clickable logo options as well.

6. WpF Ultimate Carousel

WpF Ultimate Carousel
This plug-in allows for unlimited carousel sliders to be added into your WordPress theme. It offers a responsive design, ensuring that it can be viewed on any device. There are unlimited color variations, carousel controls, and is supportive of custom posts. The installation is simple, and provides for more images to be posted on a website.

7. FooGallery Owl Carousel

FooGallery Owl Carousel
The Owl Carousel made by FooGallery allows images to be displayed in various formats and combinations. The slider can be of any size, and text overlays can be made to go across. There is also a new version that supports navigation using hashtag URLs. This allows the carousel to push a specific slide to a specific location on the page. Image cropping and borders can be added using the plug-in as well.

8. Cr3ativ Carousel

Cr3ativ Carousel
The easy-to-use carousel will display any kind of post content in WordPress as a carousel. There is no limit to the number of carousel items that can be used, and it can be organized by category. A widget is also provided for the plug-in to be used similar to the short code, though the widget makes it easier to sort the items for organizational purposes.

9. PPM Carousel

PPM Carousel
The plug-in uses a short code system and enables custom posts on WordPress. It is fully responsive, providing a carousel image slideshow from any device that a person uses to access your website, including smartphones and laptops.

10. RR Slick Carousel

RR Slick Carousel
This is one of the simplest carousels to use. It is fully responsive, and three different effects are available within the plug-in. A carousel can be embedded using short code anywhere and everywhere, including within the files.

11. Jeba Tiny Carousel

Jeba Tiny Carousel
This plug-in allows a carousel to be enabled in a WordPress theme. It can be used to be a short code, within any location of the website, from homepage to blog. It is a lightweight program plug-in and by using custom fields, it’s possible to use any link for the tiny slide images within the carousel.

12. ECT Product Carousel

ECT Product Carousel
Ideal for e-commerce, the image carousel allows you to promote a variety of different products that will slide across the screen. There are options to show products from a specific category or products that are marked as recommended. The code can be generated and placed on any of the WordPress pages to enable the product carousel.

With all the different carousel plug-ins, you will need to find one that works well with your WordPress theme as well as the overall look that you are trying to achieve for your website. Take the time to make some comparisons and test out the plug-in before your website goes live to everyone.