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Word press tag clouds are widgets showing a list of all tags that have been assigned to someone’s post. This widget is very helpful because it allows readers to view the favorite subject of the poster at a glance. Highlighted below are some types of Word Press Tag Cloud Plugins.

1. Tags All in One

Tags all in one
With This widget one is allowed to present tag clouds of selected types of post into word press. One can also determine the display order, amount of displayed items and font size.

2. 3D WP Tag Cloud

3D WP Tag Cloud
Multiple widgets can be created with this plugin which has the ability to draw and animate a tag cloud that is based on HTML5 canvas. External links, pages, menus, recent pages etc. may be rotated with by this plugin. It also allows for creation of clouds of image. The tags may consist of both images and texts in some cases

3. Categorized Tag Cloud

Categorized Tag Cloud
This is a free plugin for word press in which the words inside the cloud are filtered by category so one can remove the unnecessary tag ids to match ones content better. Some options that are customizable include; category filter, tag colors, smallest and biggest font size and number of tags shown.

4. Media Library Assistant

Media Library Assistant
This plugin has many short codes which serve different purposes like [mla_gallery] which is used to add gallery of images and [mla_tag_cloud] is used to displays the most used terms in the media library. The plugin is designed to work like a media library pages, the contextual help feature makes it easier to understand.

5. Cool Tag Cloud

Cool Tag Cloud
This plugin uses a professionally designed image as a back ground to render a tag cloud. It is very responsive and it is rendered in all browsers correctly.

6. Tag Groups

Tag Groups
With this plugin, you are allowed to organize tags in groups. You can also upload your own themes (advance stage) since the plugin comes in handy with a tag cloud that can be configured. these tags can be shown in form of tabs which can be sorted by groups. Some possible applications available include: linking from posts and pages to other ones that have the same tags, displaying tags grouped by topic or language and choosing which tags to display in different sections of your blog.

7. Category Specific RSS feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription
This plugin allows presentation of menus with multiple RSS feed subscription options to your site’s visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option. You also have an option to create a tag cloud with RSS feed of each tag.

8. Colored Tag Cloud Listing

This plugin put a site on hold and creates a thread in the support forum with a description of the issue. Some features include, loading CSS conditionally, creates simple and elegant tag cloud and chooses from more than ten different colour options.

9. Tidy Tag Cloud

This tag cloud is lightweight and gets rid of the default inline font-size style. Better configurability is also provided. It is very simple to use and can be used in the same manner as the default wp_tag_cloud function.

10. Azurecurve Tag Cloud

This plugin can integrate with the standard word press tag cloud and offers easy control of other settings. It also supports language translation. It is very compatible with many sites.

Do you run a service-based web site? Do you sell applications or goods in your WordPress site? Well in the event that you do, you’ll realize the need for a customer support-system that is exceptional. The following is a list of some WordPress customer support options for you to choose from.

1. Click Desk Live Support

Click Desk Live Support
Click Desk is a plug-in having a live-chat facility, which is accessible with template choices. To make things better, it allows people to make use of a “click to call” alternative and utilizing it, allows the visitor to truly have a live voice dialog with the website administrator or the help personnel. And if there’s absolutely no support personnel at hand to assist the visitor and in the event you are not online, there exists an off line contact type which allows you to be contacted by the visitors. Also to top everything off, live phone support is offered by the plug-in in over 40 nations all over the world. In addition, it causes it to be possible to make use of Skype and Google Talk to make communicating much more economically feasible and simpler.

2. Live Chat Casengo

Live Chat Casengo
This is an excellent plugin to put in a chat facility that is live in your WordPress website. This plug-in will allow you to handle queries via e-mails and live chat to your website. And as with the plug-ins that were previously discussed, this one also comes built-in with all the media networks.

3. Live Help Now Help Desk & Chat Button

Live Help Now Help Desk & Chat Button
This is a dependable, responsive WordPress plug-in that provides real time chat alternatives. It enables interaction between the site administrator or a website representative as well as the customer. There’s also an offline mode and a Callback Request Program as well as a Ticket program. As it’s encrypted, all communications via this plug-in is low risk. It provides support in several languages as well.

4. WordPress Advanced Ticket System

WordPress Advanced Ticket System
This plug-in has the vital elements to create a ticket system that is very compatible with your WordPress site. It allows visitors to submit queries and other issues. When a ticket is produced the customer can establish the variety, the precedence as well as the condition of the ticket. The website administrator. The plug-in functions as a helpdesk method which gives support to you and your visitors. An inbuilt Customer-Relationship Management system makes it possible to maintain a good relationship with your loyal customers.

5. WP Awesome Support Responsive Ticket System

WP Awesome Support Responsive Ticket System
A well-rounded support-system which works with just about any subject on WordPress. ThemeAvenue created this plug-in, mainly to help establish a support system that was better for their clients, but this plug-in could be fitted into almost any company website. This plug-in may be used as a live-chat assistance solution and to support numerous representatives for the help desk. This plug-in allows the site administrator to set functions for the help personnel that includes specially designed parameters. Unlike WordPress CMS that is ordinary, where the site administrator is limited to a number of user functions including subscriber, contributor, editor and writer. With this plug-in, emails may be customized using the templates provided. (https://WordPress.org/plugins/wpsc-support-tickets/)

6. ZenDesk

Zendesk is a plug-in that brings more than a help desk to your own WordPress site. It makes it easier for users on your site to take part in message boards and to submit tickets. Any opinion could be transformed right into a ticket, if you need to. Using the Zendesk dropbox, a customer can readily possess a chat together with the site administrator. With Zendesk it is possible to make a custom form which is often added to your own website, so there’s a full page completely focused on support.

7. Live Agent Free Chat and Help Desk

This WordPress plugin is free and incorporates many features including off-line messages and live-chat and help desk right into one plugin. Additionally, the plug-in keeps message boards and offers a text box to help people who seek support. There’s a choice that allows connection to media networks like facebook and twitter. Also, there’s multilingual assistance provided for the plug-in, and it contains any language that WordPress supports.

8. WordPress Email Ticket Support Plugin

This is a superior WordPress plug-in that functions perfectly for everyone who provides customer service via emails. It offers a constructed ticket program, which allows a business to provide all of it’s clients with great support. There’s a choice that includes utilizing a comment box which can be put onto your website. The plug-in enables non and WordPress users to create tickets and immediately assigned them based on urgency. The person creating the ticket can see the positioning of the ticket to estimate a response time.

In the past, online support was not easy. But, with ever changing technology, businesses have more control and can give their customers a more pleasurable online experience and can stay in touch with them at a faster rate that is also more professional.

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing ways for business owners to make money. Setting up shop online is a low-maintenance, lucrative way to reach more potential customers and clients. Many people use Magento because it has incredible ecommerce abilities, supporting you even if you have complicated variations with your products and different shipping options.

But it has no CMS features so many people were using it along with their WordPress site. However, it quickly became obvious that it was way too difficult to make Magento and WordPress work together in a decently easy manner.

Thus James Kemp worked hard for several years to bring forth the Magento WordPress Integration plugin! This plugin makes your WordPress site and Magento store look like and work like one unit. But then Kemp took it a step further and developed a third plugin called Single Sign-On for Magento and Word.

Below are the three plugins that connect Magento and WordPress. The first one, “Magento,” merely makes it an option to put your products onto your posts and pages. But the new and improved Magento WordPress Integration plugin is the bridge that actually allows the two open source platforms to work together seamlessly, and the Single Sign-On for Magneto and WordPress makes user managment that much easier.

1. Magento

With this plugin you can display your products that are in your Magento store on your WordPress site. If you want to show your products in posts or on your pages you can have the option to use shortcode or use widgets to show it in the sidebar.

2. Magento WordPress Integration

This is a great tool to get your Magento store and WordPress site to complement each other by integrating your store and site themes. This is fantastic because theming in Magneto can be a nightmare because those files are deep within the directories. You can also put any of the Magento Blocks into your WordPress theme, or any that you have created yourself. This includes static blocks that you may have in your administration area. You can also put lists of your Magento products/services into your WordPress just by using the shortcode button.

3. Single Sign-On For Magento and WordPress

This incredible plugin makes it that much easier to close the gap between your Magneto store and WordPress site. Customers who register on your Magento site will also be transferred to your WordPress site! This Magento add-on will remove all the extra links that lead to your WordPress login/registration area and will instead use the “My Account” section on your Magento platform for both. With this plugin you can integrate usernames and passwords across both platforms. This includes when users change or forget their login information.

There is no doubt that any well-built WordPress blog is going to get an amount of SPAM and visitors that are there for purposes other than enjoying your blog. While this is traffic, it is not really the kind of traffic that a blog wants. One of the reasons that a visitor night visit your blog is to steal your images. Generally this is not a problem, but it can lead to issues. If they are placed on a site that gets a better view in the search engines, then you could lose traffic.
There are various ways to handle the images on your site. One of the best ways is a watermark. A watermark, if you do not know, is a series of words printed very lightly across an image or document. If you have seen “confidential” written in red across a piece of paper in a movie, then you have seen a watermark.

One of the great things about image watermarks is that it turns your image thief into an advertiser. Now, every time a person takes an image from your site and places it on theirs or on their social media account, they are also showing whatever text it is that you want to share. This can be your web site title or URL or even a phone number for your business. This is the magic of the watermark. This is why you want to install a watermark plugin for your WordPress blog.

1. Watermark

This is a great plugin for a few reasons. It actually uses the server to place the watermarks on your images. That means that your images, stored on your blog, are not changed in any way. You can access them in your usual manner, whether that be FTP or upload and download through the backend. However, the image that is displayed on the site and image that a person would download through their browser context menu would have the watermark.

This is great if you are an artist or provide images for sale. If a person right clicks and downloads a picture, it will have the watermark, but, if they download through a conventional download plugin, the image would not have the watermark. Many sites that offer images for sale have to maintain two separate groups of images, one with the watermark and one without. This is not necessary with this plugin. On the downside, there are a few server side includes that are needed and those may not be available with some hosting accounts.

2. Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark
This is our other favorite plugin. The reason we like this one is because it automatically handles each image file as it is uploaded. There are other plugins that need to be used on each image separately. If you upload a lot of images, this is the plugin for you. You install it, configure it once and let it do the work. There is no need to check a box on each upload or any extra work at all. It even works on multiple uploads.

This is beyond a doubt the easiest plugin to use. It can be up and running within a matter of seconds. There is very little mess and very little fuss. Bear in mind that this does change the images as they go into the server folder, so make sure that you keep a copy for yourself of the original image.

Press releases can make a huge impact when it comes to SEO as well as getting word out about a major announcement. When you have a WordPress plugin that specializes in press releases, you have an easier tool to receive press releases and make sure they are submitted to anyone who would want them. You may find that you get picked up by a number of other news channels, too. Explore some of the top press release plugins for WordPress in the below list.

1. WP-ShowHide

This free plugin will allow you to embed content quickly. Short code is used and you can toggle visibility at any time.

2. Manga + Press Comic Manager

Manga + Press Comic Manager
There is finally a webcomic management system designed for your WordPress site. You will be able to use the plugin in order to keep track of all of your comic posts, and it can be used for any kind of press release as well. Themes can be created easier because of custom template tags that are included inside the plugin.

3. Press Permit Core

Press Permit Core
Advanced content permissions are included with this plugin so you can determine what press is permitted on your site. There’s a way to give users and groups specific roles and block or enable access for the specific terms and posts. It’s user friendly and it will make it easier to manage custom post types.

4. Nooz

This press release plugin provides you with media coverage management, ideal for any corporate website. Custom post types can be added so you can have the flexibility needed within your news section. All press releases can be shown and a default news page can be featured.

5. My News Desk!

This plugin will integrate all of the press releases from myNewsDesk into your WordPress site with ease. You will need to get the unique key from the site and then enter it into the settings page of the plugin. From there, it will be auto configured.

6. Press This

Press This features more options than ever before. You can turn on media insertion features and turn them off. You can also choose to blockquotes if you desire.

7. Syndicate Press

Take press releases to a new level with the Syndicate Press plugin. You will have the ability to include RDF, RSS, and Atom feeds into any post, page, widget or theme. Some of the top features include feed items to be integrated into content, feed caching, and an array of display options in the admin page.

You may be surprised to find so many WordPress press release plugins. Test a few out and see which works best for your theme and allows you to get the desired look and help with management on your WordPress site.

If you are trying to find the most effective photo gallery plug-in for WordPress that will help you showcase your photos for the greatest impact, than the superior choices below are for you.

1. Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery
Envira is a fresh superior gallery plugin which is actually well planned and is rapidly gaining a following for its elegant workflow, making it a breeze to deploy and to handle all photo galleries across your website. Pin-it buttons can be added by you that link to a particular picture in the lightbox. It has a full screen mode and it has protection against illegal downloads of your pictures.

2. FooBox Image Lightbox

FooBox Image Lightbox
Called a socially receptive picture lightbox plug-in, with built in sharing that is societal and aesthetically satisfying slideshow features, FooBox is a premium paid gallery plug-in choice, with costs beginning from a-one-time payment of $27 for private use. FooBox guarantees each picture has societal sharing icons to enable super- societal sharing that is easy, captioning that is clever, and cellular device functionality that is complete.

3. Gallery

This gallery plugin by bestwebsoft can help you execute as many galleries as you would like into your website. Create numerous records in a gallery, include descriptions to every record, establish pictures that are featured as album addresses, include captions, see pictures as a slideshow as well as in full size.

4. Photospace Gallery

Photospace Gallery
This plug-in takes complete benefit of the integral functions of WordPress by mechanically using the plug-in to the default gallery shortcode, enabling users to upload several pictures simultaneously, readily order pictures via drag and drop, include titles, captions and descriptions, and change thumbnails.

5. Simplest Gallery Plug-in

Simplest Gallery Plug-in
The Simplest Gallery Plug-in is straightforward by character and name it is a popular free alternative with superior reviews on the plug-in listing. The great thing about the Easiest Gallery Plugin is in just how it functions therefore seamlessly using the core gallery that has standard features. Simply activate and install and the advantages will be seen. The plug-in offers an assortment of other gallery designs including lightboxes, coverflow design and side-scrolling thumbnails.

Whichever of the choices that have been previewed for you will be well worth your time and effort and you will be very happy with the results.

There are plenty of times when you want people to be able to upload to your site. Free upload plugins for WordPress can be used to create a nice interface and make it easy for people to upload files, songs, or anything else to your site. From the back-end, it can also be very organized. Here is a listing to some of the top free WordPress upload plugins available on the marketplace to choose from.

1. NextGEN Public Uploader

NextGEN Public Uploader
This public uploader plugin is an extension of the NextGEN gallery. Frontend image uploads are enabled for all of your users so they can add to the gallery that you have. There is the option to have all uploads excluded until you have the chance to review the photo. Emails will be sent to you once someone has uploaded an image to the site.

2. Woo Commerce Upload My File

Woo Commerce Upload My File
When you have Woo Commerce enabled on your WordPress site, you can use this plugin to make it possible for customers to upload a file to you after they have placed their order. This allows you to take their logos, or anything else that may be used to help you process the order that they have submitted.

3. Simple Dropbox Upload

Simple Dropbox Upload
This plugin allows you to include an upload form into any page or post so that files can be uploaded directly to your Dropbox account. You won’t need a Dropbox developer account to use the plugin, either.

4. Increase Upload Max File Size

Increase Upload Max File size
If you have had issues with your website’s max file size limit on the upload, this plugin takes care of the issue. It works by adding rules to the php5.ini file that you have, allowing people to upload larger files.

5. WordPress File Upload

This free upload plugin allows you or others to upload files to your site, from any page of your choosing. The short code simply needs to be entered into the contents to enable the uploads. They will then go into a directory. The plugin also includes a file browser to help with the management of files.

6. Work the Flow File Upload

Pages and posts can have file uploads and workflows embedded into them using HTML5. There are drag and drop uploads to make it easier as well as reordering, archiving, and an image gallery display. There are three short codes included within the plugin.

7. SB Uploader

Images can be uploaded by customers/users in an easy way. They can then be attached to your content, depending on how you choose to manage the site. Posts, categories, tags, and more can have images attached to them.

With so many upload plugins, you must figure out which one serves the needed purpose and works well with your WordPress theme and website objective.

Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) is not a new concept by any means. Despite becoming well-known in the 1990s, even today many people still think of it as merely a glorified contact listing, but customer relationship management is a lot more than meets the eye.

Accurate customer relationship management can help you understand your clients and participate with them throughout the complete customer lifecycle. That is realized by gathering and examining alot of information. From prospecting to advertising to customer support, collecting and analyzing customer information can uncover trouble spots and show hidden opportunities.

WordPress is strong and multifaceted, therefore plug-in programmers are continually making a plethora of resources that resolve enterprise needs. To enable you to weed through the possibilities, here are five CRM plugins worth considering.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce.com might be the most broadly known CRM alternative. It is used by companies big and small, it is a powerful choice that has a sleek design and powerful functionality. Among Salesforce.com’s significant advantages is that everything is kept in the cloud, in order to get it via internet or mobile.

Salesforce CRM is a plug-in which allows one to gather leads by your WordPress website and feed them straight to your Salesforce account. Previously, customers needed to put up with the arduous job of copying and pasting info from one application to the other.


This plug-in saves contacts in your WordPress user database. You’ve got the power to include contacts manually or get them mechanically by way of a lead-generation form on your own web site. If you are uneasy with the thought of your prospects and clients being specified as consumers, you could rest a bit easier knowing it is possible to reassign the default function that is delegated to them.

The lead types can be customizable, in order to gather whatever information you may want, innovative options allow you to designate which areas are needed. With WP CRM, it is possible to conveniently edit types and handle contacts from inside your WordPress admin. Each contact report may be classified by contact type and contains a correspondence thread, in order to keep track of each interaction.

3. WordPress Leads

WordPress Leads
WordPress Leads is an excellent plugin for those who would like to monitor how individual users connect to their websites. It pulls in geographical data and related social media information for every single contact. Understanding each contact’s social media habits unlocks an entirely new degree of information. In case you discover, for instance, a sizable section of your prospects and clients are on Twitter, you may consider marketing or testing outreach efforts there.

4. Gravity Forms Highrise

Gravity Forms Highrise
This plug-in creates a form that you can drop on a post or a page. When someone fills in the information, it is than sent to you via an email. The information will also be stored in your 37signals Highrise account, so that you will have a record of the information and so that you can access and manage the information whenever you need to through your website.

5. LiveHelpNow Help Desk

LiveHelpNow Help Desk
LiveHelpNow Help-Desk is a plug-in that permits live chat features on an internet site. Live chat empowers users and website visitors to communicate with each other. Live chat capabilities are shown to boost sales substantially. Clients report finding ecommerce conversion raises as large as 17%. It’s an excellent customer support tool which can be utilized to aid visitors with checkout or to find merchandise on the website.

As soon as you begin to develop a customer base by means of your WordPress website, it is essential to get a CRM solution set up which will allow you to develop your future business opportunities. These plug-ins feature advanced tools that offer information regarding clients to better empower companies to provide services and products to their customers. CRM options can be priceless for emphasizing underperforming consumer segments and increase opportunities. The more you understand about your visitors and potential clients, the better position you will be in to supply them with the goods, the services and the assistance they desire.

There are literally thousands of plug-ins for WordPress sites. Some folks adore them and some folks loath them. However there are a few that, love or loath, we just must have installed on our sites if we actually want to find out results from our blogging endeavors. Allow me to share the ten best WordPress migration plug-ins, that I believe are crucial for my sites operation, outcomes and safety.

1. Akismet Anti-Spam Filter

This plug-in is pre-installed on WordPress, but might require activating. This can be a crucial add-on to your sites security as it stops most spam comments from showing on your site. I would say it discontinues most spam as sometimes a spam or two will slip through, but this is really where you should train your eye to find junk opinions. An easy manner to do this is to examine the opinion and see if it might relate to a post on any website. If it can, then they’re only following a back hyperlink to improve their websites rank, thus mark the comment as spam and Akismet will recognize that commentator in the opinions section.

2. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps
This plug-in will create an xml-sitemap of your whole site , such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.com with indexing your site. All kinds of WordPress created pages and custom URLs are supported via this plug-in and in addition it is going to notify the leading search engines of the new message when you put in a fresh page. After I first installed this plug-in I observed my Alexa rank improve by almost 40,000, which goes to demonstrate just how strong the plug-in is.

3. All In One Search Engine Optimization Pack

All In One Search Engine Optimization Pack
Along with XML sitemaps, which indexes your site, this add-on can help get your site posts found by the search engines on the basis of the key word content within your posts. After you have installed the plug-in and need to put in a fresh page, you will discover added text boxes reduce down the Add New post-page of your admin panel. These added boxes are for the Title, Description and Keywords for your newest page and therefore are submitted to the search engines.

4. Google Analytics for WordPress

Google Analytics for WordPress
This is an easy solution to incorporate Google Analytics for your WordPress site. It is very essential that you use Google Analytics to examine your own website’s operation. This plug-in has custom variables, but the default settings will suffice for 90% of consumers. Additionally, it may add monitoring to out-bound hyperlinks and downloads out of your website. As I mentioned it’s very essential that you simply inspect your statistics in Google Analytics. Therefore you will be mindful of what’s giving you the greatest results out of your blogging efforts and you can concentrate in those areas.

5. CommentLuv

This is the add-on that displays a hyperlink to-the-last post on the commentators website. It does this by parsing the feed at their specified URL when they leave a remark, which benefits your viewers and supports more opinions.

6. Fast Secure Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form
This plug-in will set a ‘Contact Me’ link in your website to let your guests send you a fast email without showing your actual email address. Supported by Akismet, it features a CAPTCHA and can block all typical spamming strategies, so significance junk mail isn’t an issue. It is very essential that you have a way for your visitors to get in touch with you in a personal way, because there are times when someone may need to say things they are uneasy saying in a community forum.

7. Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded
This one does what it states in the name, it enables your visitors a subscription to opinions, to ensure that when future remarks are made they are going to receive an email to notify them of added remarks and every email will include the opinion. That is very good for your visitors, as they are able to maintain the dialogue and get added information on a topic they are interested in. In addition, it motivates them to return and continue the dialogue.

8. Search Engine Optimization Super Comments

This is a neat little plug-in which allows you to make use of your website opinions to create more traffic. What it really does is give the impact that each and every commentator has their very own dedicated page, with a ‘follow’ link on top of the webpage back to the commentators web site. After I first began using this plug-in I found a growth in visitors of between 20 and 25%.

9. WordPress Database Backup

On demand backup of your WordPress database, which likewise lets you create an automatic back-up of your website on an hourly, twice-daily, every day or weekly option, letting you keep your backups up to date instantly.

10. WordPress Thread Opinion

This plug-in permits you to respond to opinions and puts your response directly beneath the opinion, regardless of what the time difference is between the opinion being left and you’re responding to it. In addition, it sends the commentator a message including your response, which aids in continuing the dialogue. Please Note: WordPress has a built in function for responding to opinions, however it’s not harmonious with all topics, whereas this free plug-in is.

All the plug-ins may be set up inside the plug-in area of of the WordPress admin panel, simply duplicate each title and paste them to the research box. After installed, remember to activate them. As I mentioned in the beginning, I believe these WordPress migration plug-ins are necessary for my sites functionality and security, not to mention my satisfaction.

When it comes to constructing a menu for a special event, business dinner, or restaurant offerings, there are several things to keep in mind. Firstly, giving your business a visual identity is important for communicating your product to your customers. Having a visual structure, using the right colors, and incorporating various design elements will help to optimize the readability of food and other menu offerings. Ensuring that a hierarchy of text is included for largest headings, sub headings, item listing, and descriptions are integral for capture attention from your readers. The following listing includes a half dozen of available menu templates available on the web for designing your personal menu. This will help to save you time with designing your menu from scratch while making it easier to product minor modifications and customizations to your end product.

1. Behance

Available on Behance, the following restaurant menu template is both cleanly designed and professional for capturing your full offerings. The included page layouts were created to be high quality and make it easier to edit text and images by having them separated among multiple layers for your template. This templates includes to pages, created at a standard US letter size and 3mm bleed line. It is print ready for CMYK @ 300DPI. Change colors with simple modifications and edit character and paragraph styles.

2. Deviant Art

This menu template captures the cover name and brand for the restaurant and inner covers with proper headings, pricing columns, and dish description for your menu. Available for InDesign CS4 and color variation changes can be made to this template design.

3. MagCloud

If you are looking for a menu template for a special event such as a wedding, this template is perfect for you. Make available in two template designs, you can have a menu flyer posted or folded table version for your guest. This menu style helps to capture your main dish offerings and course schedule for your big event.

4. Stock Layouts

A tri-fold style menu template is available at Stock Layout. Perfect for small service menus that service a basic selection of dishes for breakfast or lunch, these templates allow you to incorporate a few images of some of your specialties while adding in other categories for drinks, sides, desserts, and main dish offerings.

5. Design Sparkle

Visit Design Sparkle to locate an estimated 40 restaurant menu templates to use with a variety of designs. Ranging from menu flyers, bifolds, and tri fold designs, many of these high quality templates allow you to capture your brand and logo, images of some of your best dishes, and specific heading types to capture entrees, sides, drinks, desserts, and more.

6. Design Freebies

This simple folded menu template has a front, back, and inside spread to use for your menu. Designed for at a US standard letter size, full color and more than 3 panels are available to customize as desired.