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5 Best Aweber WordPress Plugins

\AWeber offers autoresponder and email marketing software to small companies across the world. The primary features of AWeber involve email newsletters, sign up forms, autoresponders and RSS to email. Users could track the performance and results of their email campaigns w/ analytics reporting & split trial sign forms as well as newsletters to advertise more efficiently. The following are some of the popular AWeber plugins for WordPress.

1. Simple Aweber Optin Widget

Simple Aweber Optin Widget
This AWeber plugin inserts an AWeber opt-in widget on your website. This plugin is remarkably convenient to setup and it comes with responsive designs and it is also highly customizable. You can now add more forms to your website with the help of this plugin. The look and form design can be customized with ease in the widget settings.

It boasts its powerful features and the forms created by this particular widget plugin are produced locally. When you make use of this plugin, you do not have to create any form within your account on AWeber.

2. PMPro Aweber

PMPro Aweber
Sync all your users on AWeber and the members with the AWeber lists. This AWeber plugin for WordPress comes with a paid version. Once installed, you can start syncing users by their membership level. If not, all users could be synced to a list or more.

3. AWeber Web Form Plugin

This plugin permits you to install the AWeber online form on your blog and allow the visitors subscribe to your own list when registering or commenting on your blog. Draw and drop the web forms you made in your email marketing account in your blog without the need to log in your account on AWeber or copy & paste anything. All you require is to have an account on AWeber and an accomplished web form.

You may let the visitors of your blog to sign up while they put down a feedback or register, without the need to fill in a split web form. On your WP dashboard, you’ll see the number of people who have signed up to a list through commenting and keep updated on the recent email marketing suggestion from AWeber’s blog.

4. Simple Aweber Integration

Just add an AWeber form to all pages or posts at the top or bottom. Alternatively, make use of the shortcode to insert forms on your content. It comes with a host of interesting features.

5. Aweber Comment Optin

Never miss one more potential lead once again. By using AWeber Comment Optin, you will be able to add a message and checkbox to the ending of your feedback forms to permit your users to subscribe to your AWeber listing when commenting. This plugin adds seamlessly with AWeber API to record the email of the commenters in an email listing of your preference. Through the use of dual opt-in technique for capturing the email addresses, rest assured that you are gaining the greatest qualified leads for your email list that is growing continuously.

These are the most widely used AWeber plugins for WordPress. You pick the plugin that works best for your needs.