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5 Best Free WordPress News Plugins

Any WordPress website not incorporating free news plugins is missing a golden opportunity to display and share information that is up to date, informative, and important. Along with not having to generate this news yourself, the best free WordPress plugins out there come with a number of advantages that you can incorporate into your WordPress website. Some of the best news plugins for WordPress to include the following.

1. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps does a wide range of services for your WordPress website. In particular, one of its features is a popular Google News Sitemap Support. In addition to making your site map indexing easier, the plugin will also ping search engines individually or all at once with an update regarding your current content.

The better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps plugin is excellent if you also are managing a wide range of news related WordPress websites and want a single plugin that can effectively work with all of them. Performing operations on a significantly larger scale, this plugin is perfect for large and small-scale operations alike. With over 100,000+ active WordPress sites using this plugin, it is easy to just how popular this plugin is.

2. XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds

XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds

If you are looking for a plugin that has similar functionality to Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps but provides an easier to understand interface and usability, then consider XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds. Designed to make your content perfectly match what aggregate news sources like Google News is looking for, XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds will make your WordPress more visible and increase the chances that people doing specific searches in their own news feeds will find you.

XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds sets itself apart from the competition by stating that it is simpler and easier to use then other similar plugins. Striving towards simplicity, the plugin gets rid of the user’s usual tasks of worrying about changing file and folder permissions. Instead, the plugin comes ready to tweak once you install it from the WordPress plugins files. Frequently updated, the XML Sitemap and Google News Feeds has just over 80,000 active users.

3. News Manager

News Manager

The two plugins listed above are both directed towards making published content more visible to the algorithms that search through the Internet to pick up on sources for aggregate news websites like Google News. Though less popular, there is an entire range of news plugins that work in the opposite direction. With News Manager, you can add, manage, and display news on your WordPress website from a myriad of sources.

Features supported by News Manager includes the fact that it is easy to configure, that is smoothly integrates into a myriad of themes, provides archives based on time, provides room for new categories and tags, provides 5 news widget types, compatible with SEO plugins, has a customizable permalink structure, and comes with custom permissions for news. With these features and more, you can display the aggregated news you want your views to see the most. In addition to having a good development team, updates are frequently released. As of now there are around 3,000+ individuals using News Manager in their WordPress websites.

4. News Announcement Scroll

News Announcement Scroll

While news Manager looks to create a multipurpose tool that attempts to fit every need, News Announcement Scroll is straightforward. It provides a widget that you can place on your WordPress website that allows the news to slowly scroll by for people visiting to read.

Features that come with the news Announcement Scroll include widgets that can be added pretty much anywhere, expiration date setup, the ability to arrange the scrolling news order to fit your needs, a support for localization of news sources to better target your immediate community, short code available for pages and posts, and ADMIN only access just to name a few. All of these features in the larger News Announcement Scroll program are occasionally updated to stay consistent and there is solid support. With 10,000+ active users, the News Announcement Scroll has found a solid user base and will most likely be one of the best news scrolling plugins for some time.

5. Family Law Express

Family Law Express

A small plugin, Family Law Express has found its way onto this list because it represents a growing interest in localized and specialized WordPress news plugins. While this one focuses on the needs of those involved with family law in Australia, there are a host of other plugins out there that offer similar levels of support depending on what your needs currently are. Though it may take some searching, you may be able to find the right plugin for you. If not, you can always adapt one of the larger multiuse plugins listed above and specifically target it towards certain phrases and localized news aggregation.

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