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Best Free WordPress Course Plugins

One of the greatest aspects of WordPress is its customizability. A website can be as diverse as the content it covers, reflecting and bending itself to the needs of the admin and readers. This becomes especially true when you consider the specialty uses of WordPress, including among other things its use in display, recording, and archiving courses. Whether this is course work offered by an institution, grade management by teachers or better coursework description, there are some amazing course plugins for WordPress including the following top plugins.

1. Course Press

Course Press

The Course Press plugin is a substantial over hall of what your WordPress website can do in regards to posting courses. Features that come with the Course Press plugin include the ability to grade, mark, assess, and report grades, the ability to charge free or cost courses with tools for automated credit card payments, seamless integration with the majority of themes out there, and a pay option that provides even more support and versatility to the free content. A powerful tool, Course Press helps to fill a specific niche for plugins that is rarely given the time and attention it requires. That being said, there is room for improvement and it may take some time for you to figure out how to utilize this plugin effectively.

2. Course


Where as course press looks to be an all in one plugin with a wide range of versatility, the Course plugin is the exact opposite, offering a clear, minimalistic, course posting tool. Created as a post type, Course comes with a range of custom field meta boxes. Once set up by the admin, this form can be used by any user wishing to offer a course. The benefit of this process is that every course offered follows the same format and provides the same boxes for answers, making it much easier later on to search through and find the necessary and relevant content.

3. AN Gradebook

AN Gradebook

AN Gradebook takes courses on WordPress to the next level by providing Admin support for managing students, courses, assignments, and grades. A simple tool that provides a straightforward setup and easy install, AN Gradebook is a popular plugin that works well with other similar plugins or by itself. AN Gradebook also provides student level support, providing them the ability to see their grades as well as information displayed in graphs about how they are doing.

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