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Best WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins

These days, one of the most popular and powerful Content Management System or CMS is WordPress. This was created in year 20o4, since then it gained significance to various IT enthusiasts. WordPress possess strong support system since this was established as an open source system. Development and evolvement of this system never stop since countless of knowledgeable and skilled individuals had shown great motivation and wiliness in putting WordPress in a much better level. Today, encompasses more features making user take advantage of it positively, one of which is plugins. WordPress encompasses countless of plugins which provide several functionalities to make peoples life easier. Two of the most popular WordPress Appointment Booking Plugins includes

Appointment Booking Calendar

Appointment Booking Calendar
This type of plugins is used in accepting online booking from range set of available time slots via calendar. This booking form type is linked to PayPal payment process for uses can able to accept various booking for classrooms, consultations, transportation, events and more. Any activities that require specific time of defined set need to be selected to define maximum booking number which can be accepted for every time slot.

Below are some of the products features:

  • Customers can easily book your available time from defined set.
  • Booking form provided is connected to PayPal payment page.
  • For each time slot, you can easily define appointment booking capacity.
  • Clients will receive notification email once booking payment is completed.
  • Other user can be assigned to this booking plugins.
  • Appointment can be exported iCal format such as Outlook, Google Calendar and more.
  • This includes captcha validation to prevent spam in your appointment calendar forms.
  • This appointment calendar offers printable booking list.
  • Confirmation emails and notification text can be edited.
  • Product name definition can be provided at PayPal, this include PayPal language, currency and cost for every appointment booking. You may also set zero and let user to donate or pay desired amount.

vCita Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling

vCita Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling
This Appointment online scheduling created by vCita, is designed for clients for them to manage appointment the easy way. vCita is a self service setting that aids business in capturing more number of clients in a short span of time. These rapidly integrate into various WordPress sites in just a couple of minutes and eliminate back to back communication for every appointment setting. You can able to receive notification for every clients request whole automate responses too; this is for you to consistently deliver remarkable services which delights clients. This appointment plugins connect you to your account in vCita. Free account can also be created using vCita plugins directly.

If you’re looking for something that can help you in accelerating you business, utilizing vCita scheduling plugins software is the best possible way to do this. Anywhere and anytime, you can perform and monitor scheduling. Your clients can set or even reschedule anytime their appointment with great ease and comfort. Using any device as long as it connects to the internet, they can surely access the software. You can definitely customize your client’s experience now.