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6 Best WordPress Inventory Plugins

Inventory needs to be done periodically so that you know what you have on hand. WordPress inventory plug-ins simplify the process so that you don’t have to do everything manually. Some of the plug-ins offer more functionality than others, you will want to explore the different ones that are available on the marketplace. Learn about some of the top WordPress inventory plug-ins here.

1. Alter Inventory

Alter Inventory
You will have the ability to manage product inventory easily using this plug-in. Your WooCommerce inventory can be displayed easily, and there is a user-friendly mode on the front end within a reserved page, that can be created using short code. Additionally, it will be possible to manage product as well as adding remove products that utilize a barcode. Short code can also be included that will print inventory, categorized by SKU or by title.

2. WooCommerce Frontend Inventory

WooCommerce Frontend Inventory
When you have WooCommerce, this allows you to publish your full inventory on any friend and page utilizing a simple short code. If there are unregistered users who attempt to view the inventory, they will get a customized error message. There are plenty of features within this inventory plug-in, making it easy for you to keep track of what you have available, what you need to order, and what you are selling the most of.

3. FoxyPress

This is a free product management plug-in that will integrate with the e-commerce solution from FoxyCart. You will have the ability to manage all of your inventory, using such features as maintaining digital products, establishing product categories, and more.

4. WebKite for WordPress

WebKite for WordPress
You will have the ability to publish product inventory to your WordPress website using this platform. You will also have the ability to publish other items, such as restaurant menus, business directories, contactless, and more. It also allows you to update from everywhere utilizing Google spreadsheets.

5. Scanventory

Scanventory is the solution you have been searching for help with managing and maintaining inventory control of your WooCommerce e-commerce store. Some of the features include mobile inventory control, stock reports, label design and printing, the ability to restock refunded and canceled orders, as well as a full inventory control audit trail.

6. SalesBinder

This plug-in allows you to integrate inventory data into the website for real-time purposes. This will ensure people are aware of when you run out of stock. An entire inventory management system is provided online, allowing you to view the inventory by category, details, and search the inventory data. A custom widget is also provided with the plug-in.

As you browse the different free WordPress inventory plug-ins, you will find that they have many different features. Choose one that works well for your WordPress theme as well as for the overall purpose of your WordPress website.