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The Best 6 WordPress Member Directory Plugins

Member directories can contain a significant amount of information. You can provide information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, and other details. Make it easy for site visitors to browse through the member directory easily so that they do not have to contact you for the information. You can put the control into the hands of all of your visitors. There are WordPress member directory plug-ins that can simplify the process so that you do not have to get involved with a lot of coding in the background. Here is a listing of some of the best free WordPress directory plugins to explore.

1. PTA Member Directory

PTA Member Directory
Create a member directory that is completely customized, including the contact form. The plug-in will allow you to create as many members as you would like, and it’s possible to create multiple positions for the members. The list can be displayed by position, and there are administrative options with a drag and drop interface.

2. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member
This plug-in is an easy way to create a powerful online community. Some of the top features include front end user registration, custom form fields, a drop and drag form builder, content restriction, as well as a searchable member directory. It is search engine optimized, and provides multi language support.

3. MemberFindMe

Take advantage of membership management, with a shopping cart, a member directory system, and more. It is a comprehensive management system that provides a number of features. This includes unlimited membership levels, the ability for members to upgrade and downgrade, prorating calculations, labels to help find members by category and committee, a dashboard to see membership metrics, daily membership reports by email, and more.

4. WP-Members

This plugin is a free membership framework that manages the members so that content is restricted to those who are members. One of the primary benefits is that the plug-in works with no modifications to theme, though it is scalable in order to customize the look and feel.

5. Blogs Members Directory Shortcode

This plug-in will enable a blog member directory to be included by short code. It can be embedded into a page or a post. This will also allow users to view the full list of members of the site.

6. BP Profile Search

This plugin allows you to build custom search forms, director pages, and more. Site visitors can search through the members directory and if they are members on BuddyPress, they can also search the lists of their friends. You will need BuddyPress in order for the plugin to work effectively.