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8 Best WordPress Flash Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders today. Fantastic WordPress sites have Flash plugins. These are flash programs that you can download to your WordPress site so that people using the site can view flash games and videos, like the ones on You Tube. There are tons to choose from and they are free and easily installed.

1. Video Chat Plugin

Video Chat Plugin
In today’s word video chat is just expected. Do not sell yourself or your site short. This Video Chat Plugin is top of the line and easy to install and use.

2. NextCellent

NextCellent Gallery – NextGEN Legacy is a photo gallery for WordPress. It is compatible with even older versions of WordPress. It has a watermark feature and it allows your photos to be seen in the correct order of the album. The pictures are arranged the way you want them, not by the date you placed them. It is so advanced; you will find it hard to believe it is so user friendly.

3. MyArcade Plugin Lite

MyArcade Plugin Lite
Turn your site into a free arcade with more than 70,000 free games! What better way to have people return again and again.

4. Brid Video Easy Publish

Brid Video Easy Publish
Everybody loves a video. With this easy to use plugin you are up and running in seconds. Video is the best way to pull traffic to your site. This is a for sure five star feature.

5. Flash Show

Flash Show
Flash Show and Hide is one of the most popular flash plugins and for good reason. It is really cool. It is a video view box, embedded. Guest click once to see it and when he is finished click again and it hides. It is a fun and easy to use feature that your guest will use again and again.

6. Spider Flash Calendar

Spider Flash Calendar is another very popular Flash Plug-in it is like a calendar on steroids. You can run unlimited events and even use videos and pictures. It is extremely adaptable. You can change the size of the calendar. You can also make events invisible. It is super cool and supper popular and WordPress compatible. Oh, and did I mention? It is free.

7. Dooodl

Guest will love the Dooodl flash plugin. It is a five star rated little feature that allows your guest to draw doodles and leave little notes. It is like an interactive guest book. It is an easy download and it is one of those little extras that make your website

8. Kimili flash

One of the most popular is Kimili Flash. Kimili Flash Embedded lets you to position flash movies on your site. It is search engine friendly and easy to use. It is WordPress compatible.