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Best Free WordPress Featured Image Plugins

The featured image or images on a website speak a lot about the website, the people running the website and what is being showcased through the site. Not only should you have a featured image but you must have one that stands out. If you have a WordPress site, then this task of choosing or getting a featured image can be quite easy. All you need is one of the best WordPress featured image plugins. Here are some for you to consider.

1. Featured Image

Featured Image

This is one of the more often downloaded WordPress featured image plugins. It can allow you to add a featured image on any page of your website and on any part of the layout of that webpage. You can write the shortcode if you want or you can use the widget to get it done. It is a very easy to use plugin with the shortcode already provided if you want it for your records. The widget is compatible with WordPress themes.

2. Quick Featured Images

Quick Featured Images

This plugin is more expansive. It has tons of features allowing you to add a featured image, to replace it or to delete all featured images from the website at once. You can keep the images organized, manage them efficiently, you can change or add featured images to hundreds of pages and remove them simultaneously as well. This saves a lot of time and is also a convenient option. There is a free version and a pro version. The pro version additionally allows you to have a Settings page to control the visibility of DFI metabox, you get custom title settings to change DFI metabox title as per your need, powerful shortcodes, featured image slider, fascinating tech support on various forums and dedicated email and chat support.

3. Automatic Featured Image Posts

Automatic Featured Image Posts

This plugin is capable of managing hundreds and thousands of featured images regardless of the type of website you have. You can create new posts every time you add a new image and vice versa.

4. Drag & Drop Featured Image

Drag & Drop Featured Image

As the name implies, it is one of the simplest to use WordPress featured image plugins with just a drag and drop action on your part. Also, there are different widgets and customization option to suit the needs of various kinds of featured images, also depending on the webpage it is on.

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