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Best Free WordPress Facebook Comments Plugins

A powerful tool for the promotion of your ideas and content, WordPress works best when linked to other social media platforms. This allows for people to flow from one platform to another, following their own interests and discovering you in the process. You can help facilitate this process by making the exchange of information between social media platforms both ways. In particular, by focusing on say Facebook and importing comments from their to your website and back, you can strengthen your social media ties. Some of the best WordPress Facebook comments plugins include the following.

1. Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

The Facebook Comments plugin helps turn your WordPress website into a place where you can setup, administer, and customize Facebook comments. Understanding that this can be a complicated process to start, Facebook Comments designed its plugin to be as user friendly as possible, bringing the support you need in order to utilize the plugin fully. In addition, you can use shortcode to insert the comment box wherever you like on your WordPress website. With more then 90,000+ active installs and a high number of ratings, the Facebook Comments plugin is worth sharing with your friends.

2. SEO Facebook Comments

SEO Facebook Comments

Where in Facebook Comments brings comment support to WordPress, SEO Facebook Comments brings back end support for those looking to utilize Facebook comments for SEO results. The SEO Facebook Comments plugin includes a Facebook comment form, open graph tags, and it will automatically insert Facebook comments into your WordPress website and database to increase SEO results. As Facebook comments are normally saved in an iframe format that cannot be read by most search engines, the SEO Facebook Comments plugin makes it possible for all comments to be in a new format that is saved to your WordPress database directly. With low server resources required, it does not impact performance. With some room to improve, the SEO Facebook Comments has generally favorable reviews, 20,000+ active installs, and a whole lot going for it.

3. Facebook Comments By Vivacity

Facebook Comments By Vivacity

Facebook Comments By Vivacity is a simple plugin that allows people on Facebook to comment on your blog. Supporting a range of languages and features regarding what you want to be shared and not shared regarding your WordPress Website, Facebook Comments By Vivacity makes it easier for people on Facebook to talk about and share content from your website. With 10,000+ active installs and a very high reviews, Facebook Comments By Vivacity is worth checking out if you want to make your WordPress content easier to share.

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