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Best Free WordPress Radio Plugins

If you have a multimedia site, it might be time to consider adding a WordPress radio plugin designed bring more function to your site. WordPress is currently one of the most popular open source management systems being used today. If you want to manage your site effectively and efficiently adding a cool radio plugin might be a great solution.

WordPress is so popular than almost 1 out of every 5 websites is powered using this open source content system. Why not join in on the possibilities and see what great WordPress radio plugins exist for your multimedia site? Giving your audience the unique content they are searching for is made simpler with the help of WordPress radio plugins. Here are some of the best WordPress radio plugins to consider adding.

1. Social Radios

Social Radios

This is a WordPress radio plugin that will enable your visitors to listen to radio stations all over the world. The stations can be accessed at any time and it is a plugin that is specifically designed to be user-friendly. If you are looking for a plugin with an easy install, the Social Radio plugin should do just the trick.

2. Barc Chat

Barc Chat

If you want your site to have a more chat room feel, this is a very unique radio plugin for WP. It enables all users of your site community to chat in real-time. This is a really cool feature and is different than just being able to listen to various radio stations from around the world. Users of your site can chat with one another using this Barc Chat plugin.

3. S3Bubble


All you have to do for this plugin is sign up and create an account at s3bubble.com. This WordPress radio plugin allows for audio and video content to be streamed right from Amazon s3. Installing this plugin is a bit more complex than others, but the quality is far superior than the rest.

4. Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

If you want the ability to use radio buttons for any taxonomy, this is the plugin to be used on your WordPress multimedia site. The best part is that using this plugin allows you to freely change any taxonomy to radio style. This means that users can choose more than one at a time, which is often preferred. This radio plugin might just offer one thing, but it does it well.

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