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Best Free WordPress Logo Plugins

Where would WordPress be without the incredibly customizability that can make every website unique? From the all-important themes to minor changes and tweaks to coding, WordPress allows for people to express their artistic and creative sides. One minor aspect of this artistic tweaking is the WordPress Logo. Greeting you every time you login as well as being able to be placed within your WordPress website, your logo can be the first thing people see. Some of the best WordPress logo plugins out there include the following.

1. Uber Login Logo

Uber Login Logo

Everytime you log into your WordPress account, you see the WordPress logo. Uber Login Logo helps you change that to display your logo while logging in. Utilizing the WordPress Media Uploader and built-in WordPress functionality, Uber Login Logo advertises itself as providing a minimum amount of bloat and instead focusing on direct and purposeful code. While there may not be many fancy things about this plugin, it does what it is meant to do quite well. With over 40,000+ active users and a high number of positive rankings, Uber Login Logo is the most popular logo plugin and the most highly regarded.

2. Add Logo To Admin

Add Logo To Admin

If for whatever reason Uber Login Logo is not working for you or you want something with a bit more versatility, then consider Add Logo To Admin. Like Uber Login Logo, this plugin is designed to change the logo you see when you log into your WordPress account. In addition, it can also allow you to add the same logo as a header on your front page. Tested on a number of platforms and with over 20,000+ active installs and near equally good reviews to Uber Login Logo, either of these will get the job done well.

3. Kiwi Logo Carousel

Kiwi Logo Carousel

Kiwi Logo Carousel is designed to show off people or companies that are engaged with you. Whether this be sponsors of your WordPress website, clients, authors, or even partners, the Kiwi Loo Carousel shows their logos one at a time. Additional features of the Kiwi Logo Carousel include support for more then one carousel per page, a responsive design, an easy to utilize layout, clickable logos, and custom logo creator through drag and drop interface. Providing great support and backed by a strong user base, Kiwi Logo Carousel is your top choice for showing off logos. Additional support can be found through their support tab.

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