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Top 5 WordPress Document Management Plugins

WordPress is not just an ordinary blogging platform but, it is also a complete content management system or CMS for a large selection of customer requirements. Say for instance, WordPress is commonly used as a document management system that permits teams to work on documents simultaneously. The system also manages file management, the workflow, including file hosting.

It appears hard to manage the procedure by default WP administration UI. Fortunately, there are different document management plugins for WordPress that are making everything easy and convenient. They are integrating different features like password protections, hit counter and download log and a lot more. Here are the leading document management plugins for WordPress that will help you a lot in managing your most important documents and files:

1. WP Document Revisions

Top 5 WordPress Document Management Plugins
WP Document Revisions is the document management system and a plugin that has been designed specifically for projects that are sensitive for time and are crucial for missions. This particular document management plugin for WordPress is the one that permits the teams to collaboratively revise the documents, regardless of the format like text documents, sheets, images, music and the like.

Aside from that, it can also track the progress through going over your workflow. This particular plugin was developed from the initial line of code with the government-and-enterprise level of protection so as to help you avoid worrying regarding the safety of any confidential information that you have. WP Document Revisions also recognizes that no 2 teams are the same and molds the actual requirements you have. Honestly speaking, this plugin is not only a simple plugin for WordPress but it is about 3 major things which are as follows:

  • A file management system that has the capability to track, save and arrange the fields, regardless of the format.
  • A collaboration tool that will permit the organizations and groups to collaboratively amend, draft and then refine the documents needed.
  • A document hosting method that helps in safely publishing and delivering the documents to a customer, team or to the general public.

In every step of the entire authoring process, this plugin will provide you a quick snapshot of the progress of your team and the history of the document. It can even provide you the choice to regress going to the past revision so you do not have to worry if in case you made a mistake or you receive some updates on the modifications needed to be done on the document right within your chosen feed reader.

2. WP Download Manager

WP Download Manager
WP Download Manager is the ideal document management plugin for WordPress that you can use in tracking, managing and controlling downloads from your WordPress website. This one has been made to be slightly varied from those typical management plugins created for WordPress. It is professional when it comes to controlling all the download files.

WP Download Manager comes with all of the features that you will need so that you can efficiently monitor the file downloads. You may set passwords as well as set the access level to any of the downloadable documents that you may have from your WP website. You may also add and embed downloadable documents anywhere within the post by simply pasting the embed code in your post content. You can do this by using the WordPress Download Manager.

Here are some important features that WP Download Manager has:

  • Multi-file package
  • Upload improvement bars
  • Password protection
  • Secluded URL downloads
  • Access control
  • Download statistics
  • Google Plus lock & Facebook like lock

This is one of the most commonly used WordPress document management plugin that you should give a try.

3. WP-Filebase Download Manager

WP-Filebase Download Manager
WP-Filebase Download Manager is the strongest download manager which adds different download features such as download counter, categories, sorted document lists, and a lot more into your WordPress site. By using this document management plugin for WordPress, you can instantly make galleries, publish some audio files, embed medias as well as you can enable the visitors of your website to upload some files.

On top of all, this document management plugin is the one that can make it easy for one to manage a huge number of documents and constant output through the use of templates.

4. Groups

Groups is the document management plugin for WordPress that just offers document download links for the authorized users yet it restricts some. This is limited through a group membership in order to limit the number of downloads of a certain file. When this plugin is used, you will find that when a user needs to download and access a particular document, he or she will be requested to register and be a member of the group which has been designated to the document. Groups also supports some short codes on the pages or posts to give links to the files, information regarding the files and to conditionally display the content to users according to their respective permissions.

5. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager
This one is a project and document management plugin. Organizations and businesses make use of this plugin to maintain their most important files, records, images and videos. By using SP Project & Document Manager, it will not be hard for you to manage and organize customer, student and supplier accounts and documents, and you can also efficiently control individual documents, and choose a specific distribution of the documents. Everything comes in a simple to manage internet-based process. Moreover, this particular plugin also demonstrates how instant a business could take hold of their respective interactions along with their customers, sales organization, sellers and all in-between. It comes with a straightforward layout and it gives access to the template modifications combined with some features that are very easy to use. Customers can also add or modify projects. SP Project & Document Manager also gives an assurance that users will be with comprehensive control over the information’s flow.

So these are the most popular document management plugins for WordPress. You choose the one that fits well with your needs and enjoy the benefits you can get from using it.