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All content must come from somewhere. Carefully constructed by the author, put into a format that is easy to read, and then made available to you, the author is responsible for providing the entertainment and insight associated with reading WordPress articles. That being said, how does the author let you know who he or she is? More often then not, an Author WordPress Plugin is used to make it easy to know who wrote the comment, as well as supply additional useful information about the person. Some of the best Author WordPress Plugins include the following.

1. Starbox – the Author Box of Humans

Starbox, the Author Box of Humans

With over 10,000+ active users, Starbox is a popular author plugin that provides an incredible range of options and versatility. More then just a box on your WordPress website, Starbox is an entire theme specifically designed around showing authored work in such a way as to draw more visitors. Some features include HTML 5 support, the ability to set names for each author, set the job titles for each author, several themes to choose from, works well with other websites, has built in gravatar and avatar functionality, removes duplicate information, links to all articles written by the author, and much more.

Starbox provides a free and paid for service. While the free service is kept up to date, the vast majority of support and features come with the full version of the theme. While the initial investment may cost you a little, the added support and features is why people use Starbox again and again for their author centric WordPress websites.

2. Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box

While Starbox provides an entire theme centered around pushing authors who supply content, the vast majority of other author WordPress plugins focus on widgets that can easily be added to pre-existing websites. One of the most popular is the Simple Author Box. The Simple Author Box will add a responsive author box to the end of your post providing you the opportunity to write about yourself, to supply a name, to have room for your avatar or gravatar, and show social icons as well.

Additional features of Simple Author Box include having it seamlessly blend into whatever style you are currently using. This in part is why Simple Author Box maintains more then 6,000+ installs as well as a generally favorable rating and updatecs. For an author box that provides a few more features you wish you had, Simple Author Box is for you.

3. Edit Author Slug

Edit Author Slug

Edit Author Slug is an amazingly direct, simple, and powerful plugin that nearly every author will want. Simply put, it allows the WordPress website admin to change or edit the author slug of a user as well as change the author base. With over 30,000+ active installs and a wide number of top ratings, Edit Author Slug does just what it says it does. Frequently updated, this plugin will make it easy for you to make changes as needed without having to sift through an incredible amount of code in order to do it yourself. Edit Author Slug is free and has no paid version.

4. Co-Authors Plus

Co-Authors Plus

A problem that many WordPress websites focused around creating and publishing content have is when more then one person is responsible for writing the content provided. By default there is room for one author and no more. Co-Authors Plus looks to change this by making it easy to add and assign multiple bylines to posts, pages, and custom post types. All of this is done through a search-as-you-type input box.

One of the reasons why Co-Authors Plus is so popular (with more then 10,000+ active users) is because it allows you to add these bylines without also having to create WordPress user accounts. With a generally favorable rating and a supportive plugin creator, Co-Authors Plus is an excellent tool when bylines for stories are a necessity.

5. Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup

Fancier Author Box does just what it’s title implies. It provides a wide range of features to make your default author box more versatile and interactive. Some of these features include color settings for tab content, active tab, and inactive tab, display settings for where the author box is shown in posts, a more comprehensive bio, and a latest posts addition, and social network buttons including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and much more.

With 10,000+ active users, Fancier Author Box scores quite favorably. Along with frequent updates and customer support, Fancier Author Box provides a much needed versatility when it comes to the author box that other plugins either make way too complex or do not provide enough basic support. Finding a perfect niche between these two extremes, it is no wonder that Fancier Author Box by ThematoSoup comes so highly recommended on the forums.

Top WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

When you are building the best WordPress website possible, the list of popular WordPress plugins you have to consider can strike you as vast. There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of WordPress plugins that have stellar reviews from users, and offer a degree of flexibility towards building your page is that quite frankly extraordinary. This doesn’t even cover the total range of WordPress plugins that are out there.

Even something as simple as WordPress button plugins can become a dense topic very quickly. Buttons are crucial towards giving your WordPress website the appearance and functionality that you are after. Any design that you may consider will have to consider the addition of buttons. There are a variety of ways in which you can implement these buttons, which means there are a variety of WordPress button plugins that can help you to accomplish your goals. While there are plenty of WP button plugins out there, some of the best WordPress button plugins you are going to want to consider will include the following.

1. Metro Buttons

Metro Buttons

Metro Buttons is a WordPress button plugin that has been around for a little while now. It isn’t too terribly difficult to understand why this is the case. This free plugin will make it easy for you to build your own customized flat buttons for a post, page, or a widget. Shortcodes will make it easy to implement your buttons. You’ll get four sizes, various styles, and tons of useful colors. This is another excellent button plugin that doesn’t require much in the way of technical insight.

2. Animated Buttons With CSS3

Animated Buttons With CSS3

This plugin is great for those who want to come up with something that endeavors to look and function in a way that’s different from the norm. Use a host of colors, sizes, and even animation features to create buttons that will make a subtle-but-profound contribution to your WordPress website.

3. Standout CSS3 Buttons

Standout CSS3 Buttons

Another exceptional, free WordPress button plugin, this offering lets you put together fantastic CSS3-style gradient button for your WordPress page or post. A PHP function call or shortcode will make it a snap to implement the kind of gradient button you know your WordPress website needs. Tons of styles come with this plugin, and you will be pleased to know that this plugin works nicely with most of the major web browsers that are currently in use.

4. MaxWords: WordPress Button Generator

Maxbuttons WordPress Button Generator

Another one of the extremely popular button plugins for WordPress, MaxWords definitely follows in step with some of the other WordPress button plugins that have been mentioned thus far. Create as many buttons as you wish, utilizing a variety of appealing, functional styles, and then add the creation to your WordPress post or page. This is another plugin that works nicely with all the major browser options. You will love the assortment of colors that are available to you, in addition to the gradient and shadowing options.

5. WP CSS3 Button Creator

The great thing about many plugins is the fact that you do not have to possess a ton of technical skills to make them work for you. This thought applies to many of the WordPress button plugins that are available to you. WP CSS3 Button Creator is a nice plugin to look at. You can use this plugin to make an endless assortment of cross-browser-compatible CSS3 buttons. The generator works quickly, and it is extremely easy to use. You will also love all of the options that allow for tweaking and personalizing such components as text shadow, gradient, opacity, box shadow, transition, and even a color picker. You even get icon support. You can even mess around with different styles for different states.

6. Bootstrap Buttons

Bootstrap Buttons is absolutely free. Use this plugin to create straightforward buttons you can then set up in a page or post with a shortcode. With the presets, icons, and styles that are available to you through this button plugin for WordPress, you should be able to create the kind of button or buttons you are after. Keep in mind that although this product does give you a lot to work with, it isn’t the absolute end of the universe, when it comes to plugins that will allow you to create your own buttons. The great thing about button plugins is the fact that there are a lot of different offerings out there. You may have to try more than one plugin, in order to get the flexibility with creating and setting up buttons that you need.

Top Elements to a Blog Post

If you are just beginning to explore the fantastic potential of your WordPress website and the thousands of available plugins, you’ve probably at least heard of AJAX. While AJAX plugins for WordPress are not for absolutely everyone, they are an exceptional range of plugins that can benefit a wide variety of WordPress websites. Can they be of use to you? With a basic overview of AJAX, you can find out.

Simply put, AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. A number of WordPress plugins utilize AJAX in some form or another. What you need to understand is that you do not have to be an expert on AJAX to take advantage of it. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with some of the best WordPress AJAX plugins that are currently available.

1. Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map

Plug ‘n’ Play Google Map

Any post that features latitude and longitude can be added into Google Map on a separate page. This AJAX plugin is great for any WordPress websites that need to keep in mind the location of a particular venue. If you write reviews of restaurants or businesses, for example, you can benefit from this plugin.

2. Lightview Plus

Lightview Plus is enormously popular with large portions of WordPress webmasters and bloggers. You can play videos with Lightview Plus, as well as use dazzling overlay effects to display the images of your WordPress website as they are meant to be seen.

3. Read More Right Here

This particular AJAX WordPress plugin is phenomenal for one specific purpose: Readability. You will want to download this plugin, if you are looking for something that will make it easier for your readers to move from one piece of content to the next.

4. iRedlof AJAX Login

Giving your visitors ease-of-access is vitally important. Make sure you create the most straightforward environment possible for those who choose to visit your WordPress site. With this plugin, visitors will be able to register, login, get their lost passwords back, and much more.

5. WP Easy Archives

Use this plugin to have your archive tree displayed on a plugin page. Pages load faster, and you also have a nice variety of filtering options. Available in 14 different languages, WP Easy Archives does indeed make things a good deal easier. It even comes with some notable search engine optimization benefits.

AJAX plugins is a subject that gets very deep very quickly. Use these five plugins to give you a rough idea of what you can stand to benefit from.

Wordpress Cheat Sheet

When it comes to effective marketing tools and your WordPress website, there are a lot of different components to consider. One of these involves the use of WordPress bookmark plugins. These particular plugins are excellent tools for those who want to create a stronger online presence.

While it is true that WordPress bookmark plugins represents only a small portion of the things you can do for your WordPress website, their value is nonetheless significant. As is the case with all types of WordPress bookmark plugins, there are tons of options out there. Some of the best plugins you can find to help increase your overall WordPress traffic include.

1. AddToAny


One of the most straightforward WordPress bookmark plugins you are ever going to find, AddToAny gives your visitors the ability to bookmark, share, and email the posts that define your WordPress website. They will be able to use any service to accomplish this, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and several others.

2. Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis

With this plugin, your users will find it remarkably easy to share, bookmark, and email your WordPress posts. Once you have downloaded this particular plugin, you will find yourself with instantaneous access to well over three hundred social media sites and services.

3. Shareaholic


When it comes to a bookmark plugin like Shareaholic, you’re talking about a download that is easy to implement. Everything about this particular plugin points towards something that can be used with zero difficulty. People also love that Shareaholic allows for social bookmarking and more with an interface that is aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the nicer-looking plugins that is currently available to WordPress webmasters.

4. Bookmark Me

Marking and sharing posts should not be a complex venture by any means. To that end, you are going to need a bookmark plugin that cuts down on the pointless steps. Bookmark Me makes it a snap to mark and share any of the posts that can be found throughout your WordPress site.

5. Social Bookmarking Reloaded

Submitting articles is a matter that can become a great deal easier with the right plugin. Social Bookmarking Reloaded is designed to make it a snap to add social bookmark service icons to your WordPress blog. The XTML-compliant graphic links will be found at the end of a post or a page, and your visitors will be able to share content throughout their favorite social bookmarking sites.

Blog Statistics

The best WordPress counter plugins are going to give you a variety of option for counters. While it is true that counters are a fairly small portion of your WordPress website, there is no arguing with the notion that they nonetheless play a highly significant role in the presentation and functionality of your WordPress page. This fact is reflected in the variety of WordPress counter plugins that are available to you. Understand what you want in counters, and then take a look at some of these popular WordPress counter plugins.

1. JetPack


One of the most well-established and highly respected WordPress counter plugins you are ever going to find. This plugin features visitor augmentation, spam-free comments, an interface that is enormously easy to use and understand, and twenty-five manageable modules.

2. Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator

This plugin gives you the ability to use JavaScript as a means of bringing the Google Analytics log to your website. The various widgets you get through this plugin will make it easy to utilize Google Analytics data in an administrative capacity. Another nice feature with this plugin is how easy it is to install and start using.

3. Blog Stats by W3Counter

Blog Stats by W3Counter

This plugin includes a variety of widgets that makes it a snap to figure out which posts are getting the most attention, how many people are visiting your WordPress site overall, and even what people are searching for in relation to your site.

4. Social Count Plus

Social Count Plus

This is a great plugin for social media counting. Social Count Plus is a fantastic tool for keeping tabs on the counting data involving Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Steam Community posts and comments.

5. WassUp Real Time Analytics

WassUp Real Time Analytics

You will love the way this particular WordPress plugin gives you the ability to focus on an individual visitor, rather than pay attention to the gathered data of many, many visitors. You can even check to see when a visitor is online, where they are from, and what they are up to on your WordPress site.

6. kStats Reloaded

This plugin has been around for an extremely long time. However, don’t let that dissuade you from adding it to your WordPress website. This particular plugin has been updated fairly recently, and it is remarkably easy to use. You can see how many people are visiting your site, when they are visiting your site, and even where they chose to visit.

Best Ways to Blog

One of the most important things you must build with your WordPress website is definition. Without this definition, you’re going to find yourself with a WordPress site that doesn’t really seem to succeed at expressing at what you want it to say.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of different ways to give your WordPress site this definition. One such way involves taking the concept of categories seriously. With this thought in mind, take a look at some of the best WordPress categories plugins that are currently available, and decide for yourself what you believe will help you to make your WordPress site better-rounded.

1. Display Category in a Dropdown Menu

Display Category in a Dropdown Menu

If you don’t want to have everything laid out in a single sidebar, then your next logical step is to use the dropdown menu approach instead. To that end, you will want to check out what this plugin is capable of. You can add this plugin with ease, and have the dropdown menu you want in a matter of moments.

2. Display Certain Categories in a Menu

Through this plugin, you will be able to display certain categories through navigational menus that will be found along the top of your page. You will definitely want to use this particular categories plugin to create navigation menus quickly and simply.

3. Display the Most Recent Posts from a Specific Category

Posts can be displayed in the sidebar with this nifty plugin. You can also have items imported from specific categories on your main page. Using this plugin will make it easy for you to give your visitors an idea of the most recent post.

The Blogging Industry

There is no question that your WordPress website needs to embrace social media to some degree. By the same token, there is no question that Twitter is one of the most powerful social media juggernauts in the world. If you want to establish a strong relationship between your Twitter account and your WordPress website, there are a wide range of plugins that can help you.

Choosing the right Twitter feed WordPress plugins can be a little tricky. This is due to the fact that there are just so many plugins for Twitter out there. To that end, here are some of the best Twitter feed WordPress plugins out there:

1. WP Twitter Feeds

WP Twitter Feeds

Using this particular Twitter feed plugin is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is bring the widget over to where you want it, and then fill out the widget’s form. You can have either a light design or a dark design, but the main point is that your Twitter feed will now be prominently displayed. There are also some attractive, simple features that emphasize engagement with followers.

2. Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

This is another one that makes things refreshingly straightforward. All you have to do is use the shortcode to feature the widget anywhere on your WordPress pages or along any of your WordPress posts. Easy.

3. Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets

Any area along your WordPress that features a widget will have the ability to display your Twitter feed with this extremely handy Twitter feed plugin. You can also use this plugin to give visitors the ability to connect to and follow your Twitter feed.

4. Twitter Widget With Tweet Reach

Twitter Widget With Tweet Reach

This plugin comes with a lot of cool features. For example, search terms can be used for defining which tweets are displayed. You can also use this plugin to connect to the hashtags/keywords used in a search, as well as find out the reach of your account handle.

5. Rotating Tweets

This is another Twitter plugin that is quite interesting. Basically, it will work to display your tweets one at a time on a consistent, rotating basis. Beyond that, you will also get a lot of really useful options for customization and configuration.

These five Twitter plugins for WordPress should give you everything you need. Integration with Twitter is a concept that demands flexibility.

Benefits to Blogging

Simply put, if you want to have JavaScript features with your WordPress website, you are going to need to look for the right WordPress JavaScript plugin. To those who are new to the world of plugins and WordPress, JavaScript plugins can very quickly become a dense, cumbersome subject. The important thing to remember is that as you consider the various JavaScript plugins available to you, the main goal you want to strive for is the improvement of your WordPress website. From this thought, you are going to want to focus on appearance and functionality.

You can easily find JavaScript plugins that will help you to achieve these twin goals. You simply want to research your options carefully. Read reviews, and discover for yourself whether a certain WordPress JavaScript plugin is ultimately going to be right for what you want to do. It also never hurts to remember that you have a variety of free plugins to consider. The point being that you may not have to pay for a plugin that will give you the enhancements you’re looking for.

Good JavaScript plugins for WordPress can be used in both Standard Themes and Child Themes. You are looking for plugins that remove any filter that prevents unwanted code in post content areas, which exists to secure the protection of a user. With that thought in mind, here are some of the best WordPress JavaScript plugins that you can try.

1. HTML JavaScript Adder

HTML JavaScript Adder

Some would consider this JavaScript plugin to be quite essential. Through this particular offering, you will have the ability to insert HTML, a shortcode, a JavaScript, a flash-embed code, an advertisement, or even a piece of ordinary text. All of these can be inserted in your sidebar with limitless widgets. You are also going to have the ability to utilize advanced targeting for a page or a post. Use the advanced setting to target the widget in a page or a post. You can also find unique settings that will make it possible to hide or show a widget in differing specific pages of your site. This plugin supports twelve languages, and it comes with AW Quick Tag Toolbar, which allows you to edit a code in a widget.

2. Artiss Code Embed

Artiss Code Embed

The ability to effortlessly work at embedding code, HTML, and JavaScript primarily in one of your WordPress site posts is a good one to have. For example, if you wanted to embed a video in one of your WordPress site posts, you are certainly going to need a plugin that can make this possible in straightforward fashion. Consider Artiss Code Embed to make things easier on you. Embedding widgets is easy with this plugin, thanks to the exceptional Widget Logic function. The global embedding feature is really nice, as well. With this component, you will have the ability to establish code or an assortment of codes in a page or posts, and then get to the code or codes at a different post or page. If you need to make changes to the identifier or to a keyword, you can use the modify feature to make that happen. You can even use this plugin for embedding external scripts straight from the source URL, and then creating basic suffixes for the embedded codes to make video outputs that will respond accordingly.

3. Zia3 CSS JS


If you need to have further JavaScript and CSS defined on an individual basis to a post or page, you will definitely want to look into this JavaScript plugin for WordPress. With this plugin, any administrator or post author can define JavaScript and CSS to show posts, pages, or reference-CSS files that are to be integrated in-line. These JavaScript and CSS files will first appear in post or page headings. You will note that these are listed in an ordered format. You can define this format in the settings for the plugin. If you choose to define the setting of this plugin, you will be able to add any in-line JavaScript or CSS file to the head of your posts or pages.

4. Async JS and CSS

You may find it extremely useful to have a plugin that makes it possible to have all scripts loaded through other plugins loaded in an asynchronous fashion. You will find that this plugin utilizes a process that is quite similar to Google PageSpeed Insights Recommends. Each CSS file will be inserted in-line into your content code, or it will be at the document start to the document end, prior to any closing body-tags.

5. Allow JavaScript In Text Widgets

You can use this JavaScript plugin for WordPress to have all the default text widgets replaced with a singular widget. You can then use this singular widget to accomplish simple tasks that would otherwise require you to seek out and download/purchase another plugin.

Value of Blogging

LinkedIn has worked hard to establish themselves as the definitive social media experience for business professionals. While it is true that some people prefer a combination of social media outlets to craft their business persona in the online world, there is no question that LinkedIn has become enormously popular with those who want a social media experience that focuses exclusively on networking and other business endeavors.

Adding LinkedIn plugins to your WordPress is a good idea. However, you will want to consider carefully the sort of audience you are trying to reach. If you understand implicitly that your audience would love to have the opportunity to connect to and interact with your LinkedIn profile, then you absolutely must take advantage of this list of the top WordPress LinkedIn plugins. When it comes to finding the best LinkedIn plugins for Wordperss here are a few that you should consider.

1. LinkedIn Master

LinkedIn Master

Utilizing this particular plugin, you will have the ability to publish both personal and business LinkedIn pages on any of your WordPress sites. Keep in mind that this plugin comes in both free and premium versions. The premium version allows you to publish vertical or horizontal badges on any WP page you desire. The premium version will costs more, if you choose to publish these badges across several different WordPress sites. You will also like that the premium version makes it possible to embed LinkedIn Company Profiles, in addition to Company Inside widget.

2. LinkedIn Profile Badge

LinkedIn Profile Badge

Simply put, LinkedIn Profile Badge gives you the straightforward ability to display your unique LinkedIn badge. You will have the ability to display this badge virtually anywhere on your WordPress site or sites. One of the best components to this badge is the fact that from an aesthetic point of view, it will work nicely with just about any WordPress site imaginable. The small rectangle will feature a thumbnail of your LinkedIn profile image, along with your name, your title/company, and even your present location. You will then be able to feature this button in a variety of places on your WordPress site. Visitors who click on the button will then be taken to your complete LinkedIn profile.

3. WP LinkedIn

This is easily one of the best WordPress LinkedIn plugins there is. It is certainly one that many people would consider to be essential. Through this plugin, you will be able to feature your LinkedIn profile across many different portions of your website through embedding. You will also want to note that this plugin comes with a variety of embeds that give you the ability to have your LinkedIn recommendations embedded across various areas of your website. With this plugin, you will be able to have your LinkedIn profile embedded at the bottom of your posts. In addition to this, you can also create a LinkedIn badge that will showcase your name and company. You can even add a recommendations scroll.

4. FB LinkedIn Resume

Interested in having your entire LinkedIn profile published onto your website. You are definitely going to want to take a long look at this particular plugin. You can feature the entire profile, or you can simply pick and choose which parts of your profile are going to be featured on your Word Press website. Simply download and install the plugin. After you install the plugin, you can alter its options as you see fit.

5. LinkedIn Auto Publish

The nice thing about this plugin is the way it makes publishing a breeze. Use this plugin to post to your social site from any WordPress site you are currently utilizing. More intriguing is the fact that this plugin isn’t simply limited to basic publishing. This plugin also endeavors to give you a series of additional options. For example, you can filter which posts will actually appear on your LinkedIn profile. For publishing control, this is certainly a formidable tool to have in your corner.

6. WP LinkedIn/BuddyStream Integration

Use this WP LinkedIn plugin to have your WP/LinkedIn and BuddyStream plugins integrated with your WP website or websites. It is also possible to have more than one profile displayed. These are some of the heavy hitter options that are available to you. Combine WordPress with your LinkedIn profile, and you will have a powerful combination for your business interests.

What a Blogger is Thinking About

What is more important than the weather? No matter who the target audience of your WordPress blog is, chances are that knowing the weather is a piece of information that they find important. The weather forecast can help your readers plan their day. Having weather updates available on your WordPress blog is a great way to give your readers what they are searching for.

Adding a weather plugin for WordPress can be the perfect addition. You can find one that is easy to install and offers detailed and accurate weather information. You want your WordPress site to be as helpful as possible to your visitors and this is enhanced with the use of the right weather plugin.

Choosing the best weather plugin for WordPress isn’t always easy with the wide variety of options available. However, these are the weather plugins that are most popular and would work best on your site.

1. Weather Forecast-WP Underground

Weather Forecast-WP Wunderground

This is one of the best looking and most popular weather plugins for WP. If you are looking for valuable sidebar content for your WordPress site, this plugin is a great option. You can choose from a variety of stunning templates and can share the weather with all of your visitors. It offers weather forecasts for any location and can even give users access to more information. It is known as one of the best weather plugins for WP, because it gives online users accurate weather details that matter most.

2. Weather Widget-Esotanc Weather

Weather Widget-Esotanc Weather

If you are looking for a weather plugin for WordPress that looks the most visually appealing, you can’t go wrong with the Weather Widget Esotanc plugin. With the installation of this plugin, your site will display a 5 day forecast that is multilingual. The best part is that this widget can display the forecast for any location. You can choose from 3 separate design styles and can even customize the layout.

3. WP World Weather Online

If displaying the weather forecast on the sidebar or within single posts is your primary concern, the WP World Weather Online plugin is best. This will give your visitors access to an accurate 3 day forecast. It is a bit more basic in design than some of the other weather plugins, but it is sufficient in providing accurate weather updates. All you need is shortcode and the forecast is from the API world weather service.

Benefits to Blogging